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MPH - Health Behavior and Health Promotion

The MPH in Health Behavior and Health Promotion (HBHP), offered by the Division of Health Promotion Sciences, is based on a philosophy of health education, health promotion, and disease prevention, to improve the quality of life of individuals, families and communities. The HBHP discipline focuses on three areas:

  • Sociocultural factors that influence health and health behavior
  • Scientific and theoretical basis for planning, implementing, and evaluating effective public health education
  • Health promotion and disease prevention programs
  • The goal of facilitating behavior change for healthy life

The program provides students with the opportunity to acquire the knowledge and skills that are essential for the promotion of health and prevention of disease in culturally diverse populations.

Health Behavior and Health Promotion Curriculum

Health Behavior and Health Promotion MPH Concentration Competencies and Assessment Methods

Total Minimum Credit Requirement (44 units)



ELECTIVE COURSES (minimum 6 units) (approved by Faculty Mentor)

Service Learning/Field Based Course (minimum 2 units) (approved by Faculty Mentor)

Recommended Course Sequencing for Full-Time Students

Health Behavior & Health Promotion Faculty

Assistant Professor
Drachman Hall A268

Richard Carmona MD, MPH, FACS
Distinguished Professor
Drachman Hall

Scott Carvajal PhD, MPH
Associate Professor, Section Chair
Drachman Hall A254

Assistant Professor
Drachman Hall

Sheila Parker M.S., DrPH
Lecturer, Public Health
Drachman Hall A262

Assistant Professor
Drachman Hall A210

Professor, Director Canyon Ranch Center for Prevention and Health Promotion
Drachman Hall A260

Drachman Hall Rm A252

Nicole Yuan PhD, MPH
Assistant Professor
Drachman Hall A202