The University of Arizona

Office of Financial Affairs and Physical Resources

The UA Zuckerman College of Public Health Office of Financial Affairs is the administrative support unit for all financial, physical resources and personnel matters. The business office is responsible for establishing and maintaining sound and efficient business practices and accounting systems that ensure that the UA Zuckerman College of Public Health is in compliance with University policies related to payroll, financial reporting, grants management, and human resource functions. 



Contact Information for Office of Financial Affairs

 Linda Tumellie, Assistant Dean,
Financial Affairs and Physical Resources
(520) 626-4596

Susan Hanson, Business Manager Sr.
(520) 626-5580

Jackie Assini, Accountant, Sr.
(520) 626-3235

Rod Gorrell, Accountant, Sr.
(520) 626-7404

John Marx, Accountant, Sr.
(520) 626-1191 

Juan Carlos Portillo, Associate Accountant and Physical Resources
(520) 626-8167

Loriann Klein, Personnel and Faculty Coordinator
(520) 626-7262

Annette Hillman, Administrative Associate

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