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Marion Slack Ph.D.

Marion  Slack Ph.D.

Professor, Pharmacy Practice and Science

Health Promotion Sciences Department

University of Arizona

Tucson, AZ 85724
(520) 626-1099


Marion Slack Ph.D.,  is a faculty member at the UA College of Pharmacy, one of Marion’s interests is the educational preparation of pharmacy students--particularly pharmacy students’ participation in community health activities in rural towns.  She has practiced in a wide variety of settings including independent community pharmacies in Lexington, Kentucky and Paris, Community hospitals in Lexington, Kentucky, Minneapolis, and Minnesota, and a leper colony in Northeast Thailand.  Dr. Slack is currently the principal investigator for the AHEC Cross Cultural and Interprofessional Community Collaborative Training Program for Health Sciences Students. AHEC is the acronym for Area Health Education Centers, a program involved in training students in rural areas of the State of Arizona. She also coordinates student activities in the Rural Health Professions Program. Another area of interest is research and teaching related to the scientific methods and research design. Dr. Slack teaches a unit on research design in the professional course, “Drug literature evaluation—Research design considerations,” and is the course coordinator for a graduate course in health services research methods. She teaches a class on writing research proposals and mentors students as they work on investigative projects. Dr. Slack is also interested in the characteristics of university students, particularly in the health sciences, who exercise regularly.

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