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Mark Nichter Ph.D., MPH

Mark  Nichter Ph.D., MPH

Professor, Anthropology and Public Health

Health Promotion Sciences Department

University of Arizona
Campus PO Box:
Emil. W. Haury 321
Tucson, AZ 85724
(520) 621-2665


Mark Nichter Ph.D., MPH, is an engaged anthropologist who is a scholar activist actively involved in global health and health disparities research in Asia, Africa and the USA. In addition to the anthropological study of social practices, social processes, social formations, power relations, convertible capital, and issues of identity, he has spent much of his life demonstrating how anthropology can contribute to real world problem solving in the health and development field broadly conceived. Dr. Nichter studies illness and healing as entry points for understanding "culture and society" as well as political ecology and the maldistribution of health problems and medical resources. Dr. Nichter has contributed to the study of a broad range of global health problems and has worked for a variety of international health and development agencies. His interest in the relationship between microorganisms and macro pathogens, syndemics, social mobilization etc. has lead him to become not only an observer of, but a participant in global health and critical public health. His most recent book Global Health: Why Cultural Perceptions, Social Representations, and Biopolitics Matter is widely read in MPH programs around the world. Dr. Nichter coordinates the graduate medical anthropology training program in the School of Anthropology.

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