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Heather Doss

Heather Doss

MPH, Health Behavior Health Promotion

"Since day one I have been continuously impressed and inspired by the projects and work being conducted by MEZCOPH faculty, staff and students. Through all of the classes that I have taken thus far, I have been introduced to new ways of thinking about health issues which has further shaped my mission as a future health professional. I am proud to be a part of the MEZCOPH community!"

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    Sandia, Tx

    Prior Degree(s):

    BA in Biology at The University of the Incarnate Word, MS in Biomedical Sciences at the College of Our Lady of the Elms

    Before entering the program:

    Before entering the MPH program, I completed my MS in Biomedical Science. I also volunteered for the Crisis Textline as a crisis counselor.

    Why did you choose public health?

    I chose public health because it aligns with my goals as an aspiring physician. Health is so much more than just bodily health. Health is impacted by those external factors that we call the social determinants of health and public health focuses on making that connection between health and the social determinants of health. I believe that having a public health background will allow me to make an impact on the community and see my future patients as people rather than just patients.

    Why did you choose MEZCOPH?

    I chose MEZCOPH for several reasons. First, I was attracted by the college's dedication to improving the health of the community especially the underserved. Second, I appreciate the mentorships that goes on between the faculty and the students here at MEZCOPH and the general sense of community within the college. Finally, being in the city of Tucson with it's diverse population gives students the opportunity to apply the skills that they have learned to a population in need. The beauty of the surround desert mountains and the sunsets are a plus, too!

    Public health interests:

    Behavioral Health, Border Health, Cardiovascular Disease, Disease Management, Disease Prevention, Global Health, Health Disparities, Health Promotion, Hispanic Health, Nutrition & Diet, Planning and Evaluation, Rural Health, School Health


    My internship will be with the Pascua Yaqui Tribe Charitable Organization. I will be working on projects addressing food issues and food security on the reservation.

    Interests/hobbies outside of school:

    I enjoy being outdoors, reading, writing, and music.

    Tip for future students:

    Get involved and get to know your professors and other MEZCOPH faculty and staff. There are so many organizations and projects going on within the college and the community--there is something for everyone!

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