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Josie Eck

Josie Eck

MPH, Health Behavior Health Promotion

"MEZCOPH has given me skills I will use in my future career but more importantly challenges me to be better."

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    Canyon, TX

    Prior Degree(s):

    B.S. in Biology from West Texas A&M University

    Before entering the program:

    I took time off before starting graduate school and worked as a medical scribe for a local physician here in Tucson.

    Why did you choose public health?

    I chose public health because of my background in science and passion for achieving health equity, chronic disease prevention, and improving food access.

    Why did you choose MEZCOPH?

    I chose MEZCOPH because of their commitment to the Tucson and Southwest community and the opportunity to learn from faculty whose interests align with mine.

    Public health interests:

    Cancer, Cardiovascular Disease, Disease Prevention, Health Disparities, Health Promotion, Nutrition & Diet, Obesity, Rural Health


    I am working on a project with ASU to identify a Tucson middle school to implement YMpACT Academy, which is designed to teach youth about SDOH and provide the opportunity to address these in their community through YPAR, and make possible adaptations to the curriculum based on the selected school.

    Interests/hobbies outside of school:

    Playing tennis, running, hiking, reading, baking, and traveling.

    Tip for future students:

    Be selfish with your time. Absolutely get involved with MEZCOPH and join student organizations or volunteer groups, but it's okay to say no and this will help to prevent the "burn-out" as a result of being pulled in too many directions.

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