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Niraly Patel

Niraly Patel

PhD, Health Behavior Health Promotion

"Don't be afraid to create opportunities for yourself. The road to success requires determination."

  • Email:


    Riverside, California

    Prior Degree(s):

    BA, Public Health Policy, University of California, Irvine | MPH, Public Health Policy and Management, University of Arizona

    Before entering the program:

    Working at the UA College of Medicine - Phoenix

    Why did you choose public health?

    I was introduced to public health in undergrad and fell in love with the field. I always knew I wanted to help others and make a difference. Public health gives me the opportunity to serve others at a community level. I am always learning something new and it never gets boring.

    Why did you choose MEZCOPH?

    MEZCOPH has a strong focus on serving disadvantaged communities and I was drawn to that. I always wanted to focus my career on the West/Southwest communities and there are many opportunities for that here. It also helps that faculty and staff are encouraging you along your journey.

    Public health interests:

    Disease Prevention, Health Disparities, Health of Women, Children and Families, Health Promotion, Hispanic Health, Nutrition & Diet, Obesity, Planning and Evaluation, Public Health Policy, School Health, Tobacco and Substance Abuse

    Interests/hobbies outside of school:

    hiking, exploring downtown, watching FRIENDS for the 100th time, enjoying sunsets, traveling

    Tip for future students:

    There is opportunity for growth everywhere you look. Don't doubt yourself and your capabilities because you have what it takes to make a difference.

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