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Tanzida Zaman

Tanzida Zaman

MPH Epidemiology

“My time here at MEZCOPH so far has given me the opportunity to connect with so many amazing students, faculty, staff, and community members, and I could not have asked for a more enriching experience.”

  • Hometown:

    Glendale, Arizona

    Prior Degree(s):

    BSHS in Physiology and a BA in Middle Eastern and North African Studies from the University of Arizona

    Before entering the program:

    I was completing my undergraduate degrees and enjoying life in Tucson.

    Why did you choose public health?

    I chose public health because of the huge potential it has to create positive, sustainable impact on the everyday lives of people.

    Why did you choose MEZCOPH?

    I chose MEZCOPH because of the wide array of students and faculty I would get the opportunity to interact with on a regular basis.

    Public health interests:

    Public health issues related to climate change and environmental sustainability


    Heat-related illness surveillance with the Pima County Health Department

    Interests/hobbies outside of school:

    Cooking, baking, reading, coffee

    Tip for future students:

    Make the most of every interaction you have with someone at MEZCOPH, especially for the MPH program. You’re here for a short period of time, and every individual has the potential to become a mentor, a connection to amazing opportunities, a friend. Also, take time to explore Tucson because this city is incredible!

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