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Octavio Perez

Octavio Perez

MPH Public Health Practice (Phoenix)

"During my time at MEZCOPH I have been able to interact with people from different professions which has led me to become more optimistic. I have been able to get more involved with the community such as Dia del Campesino, which is where all the farm workers come from Mexico to work on the farm fields in southern Arizona. We were able to provide them with information on health issues they are at risk for, provide them with food, and assist with activities such as glucose and blood pressure monitoring at 3 am in the morning! That was a great experience and really motivated me to continue my education and it also justified my decision for choosing MEZCOPH."

  • Hometown:

    I was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona

    Prior Degree(s):

    BS Biology, Grand Canyon University in Phoenix.

    Why did you choose public health?

    I chose public health for the sole purpose of my interest in preventive medicine. I wanted to get a sense of treating an entire community before enrolling in medical school, where you focus on one patient at a time.

    Why did you choose MEZCOPH?

    I chose MEZCOPH since it was in Phoenix, it is accredited by CEPH, and because University of Arizona is known for great education.

    Public health interests:

    I came into the program with my interest being more geared towards preventive medicine especially when it came to cardiovascular issues, obesity, and diabetes but now I have added a new passion for telemedicine. Being that it combines both medicine and technology I knew it was my calling.


    Evaluation of a telemedicine program at St. Joseph’s Hospital.

    Interests/hobbies outside of school:

    Outside of school, I enjoy hiking in the beautiful mountains of Arizona, play basketball, and volunteer at a local hospital.

    Tip for future students:

    If there is anything I can say to future students, it is that MEZCOPH will prepare you and provide you the gratefulness that it has given me on helping out a community. Also, try to get involved in as many activities and clubs as possible.

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