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The 12th Annual Social Justice Symposium, March 23

Power & Privilege: Tackling Microaggressions in Public Health

Students at the University of Arizona Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health will host the 12th Annual Social Justice Symposium on Friday, March 23 from 8 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. in Drachman Hall (1295 N. Martin Ave.). 

The Social Justice Symposium is designed to engage faculty, students, community members, and health professionals in dialogue to raise awareness of how social issues affect health. The theme of the conference is Power & Privilege: Tackling Microaggressions in Public Health.

A "microagression" is defined as a comment or action that subtly and often unconsciously or unintentionally expresses a prejudiced attitude toward a member of a marginalized group such as a racial minority. 

The conference will begin with a keynote address by E. Liane Hernandez, community outreach and education director of Stand Together Arizona Training and Advocacy Center (STAT) of the YWCA of Southern Arizona. In her position at the YMCA, Hernandez works at building coalitions, producing events around justice, sustainability, feminism and advocacy, as well co-producing inclusion trainings, videos and social media content around civic engagement, oversees the arts programming of the Center, helps to facilitate the Advocacy Education Board Committee and coordinates the ongoing Changemaker Race to Justice Book Club.  

The keynote will be held in DuVal Auditorium at Banner – University Medical Center - Tucson, 1501 N. Campbell Ave. Breakout sessions in Roy P. Drachman Hall, 1295 N. Martin Ave., will follow with topics that address issues of social justice including, racism, immigration, privilege, implicit biases, mental health, health disparities, and sexism.

Visit to register for SJS 2018. Lunch will be provided. For more information or questions, please contact Ryley Tegler in the Office of Student Affairs at:; 520-626-3200

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