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Summer 2022 Virtual MPH Internship Conference

 Summer 2022 MPH Internship Student Speakers: Brandon Barba, Tiffani Horn, and Dr. Alicia Montalvo

Welcome to the Summer 2022 Virtual MPH Internship Conference presentation viewing webpage! 

Below you will find presentation recordings of our MPH student internship experiences from those who were slated to present this summer. These wonderful presentations are from students across all of our campuses - Tucson, Phoenix and Online.  We encourage you to view as many presentations as you can across our many MPH concentrations.  The presentations on this page are an excellent representation of the depth and breadth of work that our MPH students do with local, national, and global communities. This page will be available for asynchronous viewing of student presentations until Friday, August 5, 2022. 

Live Kick-Off Event 

On Wednesday, July 20th, we held a live kick-off event to begin the Summer 2022 Virtual MPH Internship Conference.  At this event, we hosted a Student Panel where we learned about the students' internship activities, experiences, and lessons learned! Thank you to our student panelists for giving us such great insight into the student intern experience. Click on the button below to watch the recording of this fantastic event!

Student Panelists:

Brandon Barba, MPH - Applied Epidemiology, Online Campus
Tiffani Horn, MPH - Health Services Administration, Online Campus
Alicia Montalvo, MPH - Applied Epidemiology, Online Campus

Watch the video of the Live Conference Kick-Off Event

Viewing of Internship Presentations

Below, you will find our Summer 2022 presentations in order of MPH concentration and then alphabetical order by last name within the concentration.  We ask that for each presentation you view, you consider completing an Internship Presentation Feedback Form.  This feedback is anonymous and provides our students with constructive feedback on their presentation as part of this important educational and professional development experience. If you encounter an issue viewing a student's presentation, try closing your browser or refreshing the page.  If the problem persists, please contact Kim Barnes and Samantha Pierce  

MPH Internship Presentation Feedback Form

Should you have questions about a student's project or presentation, you may contact them directly.  Student information and full presentation abstracts can be found here in the Summer 2022 Virtual MPH Internship Conference Abstract Program

Downloading or using of any part of a student's internship presentation without the direct consent from the student is strictly prohibited.

Applied Epidemiology

Mariah Albertie - Evaluation and Planning for Arizona Youth Partnership & Marana Prevention Alliance

Brandon Barba - Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Among Mexican-Origin Adults: Community Outreach and Data Analysis of Effects of Acculturation

Amber Davis - Climate and Health: A Pima County Cooling Center Assessment (Passcode: fy+h2u!$)

Anna Hartman - Creating Public Health Content for Arizona Physician Magazine 

Iris LoCoco - Factors Influencing Rural Americans' Willingness to Vaccinate Against COVID-19: An Exploratory Study

Danielle Love - Exploring the Odds of COVID-19 Infection in Profit and Non-profit Skilled Nursing Homes, Washington State 2020 and 2021

Katherine Mendoza - Mental Health in Relation to Diabetes in El Blanco Por Salud

Alicia Montalvo - The Association Between Social Context Factors and Concussion Education and Symptom Knowledge Among Black and White Middle School Parents

Chase Redington - How the International Rescue Committee Stays ALERT

Emily Rodriguez - Does Babywearing in Infancy Promote Secure Attachment into Early Childhood? Using Story Stems to Evaluate a Randomized Controlled Trial

Molly Ryan - Developing a Smoking Protocol for Bariatric Surgical Patients, Quality Improvement Project

Tanya Sumner - A United States Public Health Service Commissioned Officer Dental Hygienist Office Ship Activities


Riley Johnson - Substance Use, Misuse, and Addiction during COVID-19

Heather Kenning - Project SHARE

Health Behavior Health Promotion

Ayodele Adeyemi - Arizona CEAL COVID Consortium: Promoting Health Equity During the COVID Pandemic; Developing and Disseminating Trusted COVID-19 Messaging

Karyn Bloxham - Promoting Health and Wellness and Understanding the Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Running & Walking Community of Southern Arizona

Brandon Bowers - The Lifestep Research Experience

Tori Coria - Research and Development of Web-Based Food Allergy and Stock Epinephrine Auto-Injector Training

Holly Daverin - Oral Hygiene for Orthodontic Patients

Stephanie Henry - 2020 Arizona Statewide Maternal and Child Health Needs Assessment Briefs 

Araceli Loera - Evaluation of the National Kidney Foundation's (Arizona Chapter) Medication Assistance Program for End Stage Renal Disease and Kidney Transplant Patients

Elsa Loya - Growing Girls: Planning and Managing and Early Adolescent Psychosocial Health Program

Casey Mccormick - Southern Arizona Roadrunners

Belen Mejia - Cultural & Inclusive Experiential Learning Opportunities (CELO), Bali Indonesia Program

Oscar Parra - Comparative Analysis of Acculturation Scales amont El Banco Latino / Hispanic Participants and Association with Type 2 Diabetes and Associated Risk Factors

Samantha Reeves - Arizona Youth Partnership: Development of the Mentorship Program for the Starting Out Right (SOR) Scholars Program

Italia Trejo - Drinking Water Quality: Developing a Polyfluorinated Substances (PFAS) and Ethylene Oxide (ETO) Assessment Report

Health Services Administration

Jordyn Bommarito - A Plan, Do, Study, Act of the Healthy Families Pima County Data Software & Submission Training Guide

Eduardo Estrada - Tucson Child Health Working Group: Catalyzing Communities, A ChildObesity180 Initiative

Justin Hayes - Development of a Framework for Implementation of an Infectious Diseases Diagnostic Stewardship (IDDS) Program at Banner University Medical Center-Tucson (BUMCT)

Tiffani Horn - Community Behind a Keyboard: Improving a Defined Sense of Community, Communication, and Connection Among Online Graduate MPH Students 

Natalie Munoz - Arizona State University - Downtown TRIO Student Support Services (SSS) 

Daniel Pennington - Gender and Representation of Low and Middle-Income Country Authors Amongst COVID-19 Publications

Tony Reinosa - Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton Public Health Evaluation & Quality Improvement to the Sars-CoV2 Outbreak

Aleece Richter - Innovative Ways to Expand and Connect the New Citrus Pest and Disease Prevention Division (CPDPD) During the Pandemic

Public Health Policy & Management

Donna Lewandowski - Public Health in Statewide Long Range Transportation Planning


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