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Tatiana Gonzalez

  • Tatiana Gonzalez

    BS in Public Health, Minor in Spanish


    Phoenix, AZ

    Majors / Minors:

    BS in Public Health, Minor in Spanish

    What else are you involved in?

    I work at the Financial Aid office on campus, and am currently involved with the Flying Samaritans club.

    Why choose the UA / What’s awesome about the UA:

    UA was close to home, but not too close! I fell in love with the campus the moment I visited in highschool, and I knew that the science courses were very good.

    Why did you choose public health?

    Public Health is awesome for various reasons, but the main reason I chose Public Health was because it did not limit me in the things I could do after graduation. There are an array of occupations that a student could pursue with the major.

    What are your career goals:

    I want to take the medical route of Public Health and become a family doctor. However, there are a lot of options with this major!

    Fun Fact about you (hobbies, trivia, etc.):

    I love learning new languages!

    One piece of advice for incoming students (transfer and freshmen):

    Pay attention to the due dates and test dates. Plan out how to study and how to complete all the assignments in a timely manner. This will help relieve some stress!

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