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Caylie Mros

  • Caylie Mros

    B.S. in Public Health


    Las Vegas, NV

    Majors / Minors:

    B.S. in Public Health

    What else are you involved in?

    I am a tutor at the SALT (Strategic Alternative Learning Techniques) Center, and I provide care to children with disabilities.

    Why choose the UA / What’s awesome about the UA:

    The UA has a beautiful campus and gives the opportunity to grow!

    Why did you choose public health?

    Public Health is so broad and diverse...Public Health at the University of Arizoba is great because the faculty are passionate about health!

    What are your career goals:

    I'm currently looking into epidemiology as a possible career field!

    Fun Fact about you (hobbies, trivia, etc.):

    A fun fact about me is that I am graduating early!

    One piece of advice for incoming students (transfer and freshmen):

    Have fun with your time here at the UA, but study hard and be sure to take advantage of the great opportunities that the College of Public Health gives you!

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