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Pre-Public Health Major

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Please Note: The Bachelor of Science (B.S.) with a major in public health is divided into a pre-professional major (pre-public health) and a professional major (public health).

Declaring the Pre-Public Health Major

Students interested in adding the pre-public health major and/or meeting with a public health academic advisor should take the following action: 

  1.     Meet the 2.000 GPA requirement – This is a firm requirement for the change into pre-public health.
  2.     Watch the Information Session Video (available with closed captioning)
  3.     Complete the Information Session Worksheet
  4.     Complete the Information Session Curriculum Guide. Note: Download and save the curriculum guide to your computer and access it using a .pdf reader for changes to be saved. 
  5.       Email the completed worksheet and curriculum guide to your new public health academic advisor

Upon submission of the change of major forms, please allow up to five business days for your major to be changed and to receive email confirmation. Please be aware that your advisor may return the forms to you to be re-done if they are not completed thoroughly or contain errors.


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