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Academics at UA College of Public HealthDistinguished for our outstanding community-based research and for our focus on eliminating health disparities, particularly among populations of the Southwest, the Mel & Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health (MEZCOPH) offers public health education at the graduate and undergraduate levels.

Please review the academic catalog for a detailed overview for each of the academic programs. The catalog describes the educational objectives and focus for each program along with course requirements, suggested course sequencing, and degree options.

Doctor of Public Health (DrPH)

The Doctor of Public Health (DrPH) is an advanced, professional degree program designed for the student who has a Master of Public Health (MPH) degree or its equivalent and who intends to pursue a leadership career as a public health professional. There are two areas of study available to DrPH candidates. Students are required to select either Maternal and Child Health or Public Health Policy and Management.


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Doctorate in Biostatistics (PhD)

The Doctorate in Biostatistics (PhD) places an emphasis on the foundations of statistical reasoning and requires its graduates to complete rigorous training in applied probability and statistical analyses.

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Doctorate in Environmental Health Sciences (PhD)

The Doctorate in Environmental Health Sciences (PhD) is an educational program designed for individuals who wish to assume leadership roles in environmental health research. The degree prepares individuals to research, evaluate and control health risks posed by chemical and biological contaminants and physical exposures (noise, heat and radiation) in communities and occupational environments.

Doctorate in Epidemiology (PhD)

The Doctorate in Epidemiology (PhD) provides classroom and community training opportunities through multi-disciplinary collaborations among program faculty and university departments and state and national health institutions.

Doctorate in Health Behavior Health Promotion (PhD)

The Doctorate in Health Behavior Health Promotion (PhD)  has an emphasis on the biological, behavioral, and socio-cultural determinants of health and health behavior, and the interventions and policies aimed at improving community and population health.  The doctoral program offers students a diverse and challenging curriculum that addresses health behavior health promotion theory, knowledge/skills in working on health issues within the diverse communities of the Southwest US, mixed qualitative/quantitative research methods, statistics, and grant development skills. 

Master of Public Health (MPH)

The Master of Public Health (MPH), designed to be an interdisciplinary professional degree program, provides an opportunity for students to obtain broad knowledge and skills in the core areas of public health. Students are able to acquire proficiency in one or more specialized areas through advanced coursework, and gain experience in applying advanced knowledge to the solution of actual health problems in community settings during the internship experience.

Master of Science in Biostatistics (MS)

The Master of Science in Biostatistics (MS) prepares students to work effectively as applied biostatisticians in a variety of public health, epidemiological, and clinical research settings. The MS in Biostatistics provides training in probability and statistical theory with a research focus.

Master of Science in Environmental Health Sciences (MS)

The Master of Science in Environmental Health Sciences (MS) provides students with training and preparation for leadership roles (project leaders, program directors and research technicians) in current and emerging environmental health science disciplines. The program employs a multidisciplinary approach linking the assessment of health impacts with the environment. Students must complete a Master's program to enter the PhD program in Environmental Health Sciences at the University of Arizona.

Master of Science in Epidemiology (MS)

The Master of Science in Epidemiology (MS) is designed for individuals who seek training in epidemiological research.

Bachelor of Science (BS) in Public Health

The Bachelor of Science (BS) in Public Health degree is designed to promote an understanding of health and disease based on public health principles.

Graduate Certificates

Designed for working professionals and/or those exploring the field of public health, the graduate certificate programs provide skill enhancement for both domestic and international participants who have limited time to pursue a campus-based full graduate degree program. Graduate certificates are offered in: Public Health, Clinical & Translational Research, Global Health & Development, and Health Administration.