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Epidemiology Faculty

Epidemiology is a fundamental science of public health with a major focus on health problems in communities, groups or aggregates of people. It is the scientific discipline concerned with the causes and prevention of human disease. It has been designed for students whose careers will focus on conducting investigator-initiated and collaborative epidemiologic research.

Graduate Degree Programs

The Master of Public Health in Epidemiology provides students with systematic training in epidemiological principles, methods, and practices through constructive coursework and an internship. 

The Master of Science in Epidemiology is designed for individuals who wish to pursue training in epidemiological research. 

The section offers both the Doctorate (PhD) in Epidemiology, and a PhD Minor in Epidemiology. The PhD in Epidemiology trains individuals for careers in research and teaching in academic settings, research institutes, government agencies and industry.

Unique Strengths 

Two niches for the UA Epidemiology program are a transdisciplinary approach to disease prevention and our research among populations and communities of the Southwest US. The faculty within the program and the College of Public Health are highly collaborative across the university and this collaboration becomes a model for students. Much of the research being done by the faculty within the program, in which students are participating, is transdisciplinary in nature and focused on issues relevant to populations of the Southwest.

Program strengths include:

  • Small student body
  • Corresponding low faculty to student ratio
  • Diverse student body within the College of Public Health
  • Emphasis on research within communities.

These factors encourage an effective advising and mentoring environment. The College and the program reflect student and research diversity, resulting in a robust learning atmosphere.

Another key program strength is the research productivity of the faculty members in chronic disease epidemiology, particularly in the areas of:

  • Cancer prevention
  • Nutrition and disease prevention
  • Aging issues
  • Respiratory diseases

The presence of large and successful research programs at The University of Arizona provides excellent teaching and research environments for graduate students.

Epidemiology Primary Faculty

Heidi E Brown PhD, MPH
Assistant Professor
Drachman Hall A220

Zhao Chen PhD, MPH
Professor, Division Director, Epi/Biostats
Drachman Hall A238

Leslie Dennis PhD, MS
Professor & Section Chair, Epidemiology
Drachman Hall A230

Kacey Ernst Ph.D., MPH
Assistant Professor
Drachman Hall A246

Assistant Professor
Building 4 - UA Phoenix Plaza Room 119B

Robin Harris Ph.D, MPH
Drachman Hall A234

Associate Professor
AZCC 4985

Yann Klimentidis Ph.D., M.S.
Assistant Professor
Medical Research Building 115

Eyal Oren PhD, MS
Assistant Professor
Drachman Hall A218

Assistant Professor
Drachman Hall A244

Assistant Professor
Drachman Hall 206L

Eyal Shahar MD, MPH
Drachman Hall