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Standing Committees

The UA Zuckerman College of Public Health has 14 groups that serve as standing committees, councils, boards and alliances and represent the governing bodies for the College.

Governing Body Meets Chair(s)

Executive Council

Monitor, manage, evaluate and direct the activities and provide strategic planning for the College. Develops policies and approves policies developed by other College committees.

Once per Semester Dean

Dean's Council

Administer and direct the college's strategic and high level operational activities as they relate to ongoing mission and strategic directions.

Monthly Dean

Education Committee

Set the education agenda for the College. Evaluates program effectiveness, provides curriculum oversight to programs, and develops academic policies for the College.

Monthly Rotating

Research Advisory Committee

Review current research policy and practice and make suggestions for improvement. Provide scientific review on Dean’s students research funds applications and offer feedback to faculty’s grant proposals for external funding.

Monthly Zhao Chen

Community Engagement, Practice and Service (CEPAS) Committee

Promote and track community outreach, service and practice activities.

Monthly Cecilia Rosales

Evaluation Commitee

Insure: (1) appropriate data collection systems are in place (2) data are utilized to inform decision-making processes, (3) the Service, Education and Research Committees and other responsible entities have developed action plans to address gaps that may be identified in evaluation, and (4) the Evaluation and Planning section of the College’s Self Study is written in a comprehensive and coherent fashion.

Monthly Kelly Reynolds

Promotion and Tenure Committee

Develop College P&T guidelines, consider faculty applications for P&T actions, review post tenure evaluations, make recommendations for faculty advancement, and review college sabbatical applications.

As Needed Jennifer Hatcher

Student Affairs Commitee

Act as a clearinghouse for issues related to students; plan, facilitate, and support seminars, workshops, etc; function as lobbying agent/advocate for resolution of student problems.

Quarterly Assistant Dean of Student Services

Committee on Inclusion and Equity

To identify and address issues related to building and maintaining a culture supporting diversity throughout the college. The Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health is dedicated to promoting the health of individuals and communities in the southwest and globally with an emphasis on achieving health equity through excellence in education, research & service.

Monthly - 3rd Wednesday Velia Nuno

Community Advisory Board

Provide and support opportunities for the College to collaborate with the community, advocate for and support these activities; raise funds for the College.

Semi-Annual Retreat JoAnna Westcott

Public Health Student Alliance

(Student-run) Provide networking opportunities for students with public health community, provide informational opportunities, serve as resource, promote public health on campus, assist in the coordination of semester internship conferences.


Faculty Assembly

Identify and address faculty related issues

Monthly Melissa Furlong


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