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Workforce Development

Training Center staff at a computer monitorA continuum of comprehensive public health workforce development activities are available through the Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health, including:

  • continuing education
  • professional development and training
  • leadership development
  • competency-based curriculum development, delivery and evaluation
  • organizational technical assistance to public health agencies

Our annual conferences, forums and events are venues for public health professional development opportunities including the Bi-annual Arizona Public Health Association conferences, and the Annual Arizona Rural Health Conference.

The College's workforce development initiatives are aligned with its mission to promoting the health of communities in the southwest and globally with an emphasis on achieving health equity through excellence in education, research and service, by:

  • Strengthening the infrastructure of frontline public health organizations with particular emphasis on our state, county and tribal health departments and community health centers.
  • Building core competencies (knowledge, skills and abilities) of public health professionals, both discipline specific and interdisciplinary, utilizing a variety of modalities.
  • Creating partnerships with state, county and tribal public health services and community-based organizations to assess and address the needs of the workforce.
  • Providing education and training opportunities to the wider body of health care professionals, community service providers and community members to disseminate promising practices in public health and foster trans-disciplinary, population-based approaches to promoting healthy communities and addressing health disparities.

Workforce Development Programs

The following programs highlight some of the major and ongoing workforce development programs (click on each for more information).

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