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All Faculty

Halimatou Alaofé, PhD, MSc

Halimatou Alaofè

Assistant Professor
(520) 626-5614
Gail Barker, PhD, MBA

Gail Barker

Principal Lecturer
(602) 827-2531
Leila Barraza, JD, MPH

Leila Barraza

Associate Professor
(520) 626-0720
Paloma Beamer, PhD

Paloma Beamer

Professor, Public Health
(520) 626-0006
Edward Bedrick, PhD

Edward Bedrick

Professor and Program Director, Biostatistics
(505) 681-5633
Melanie Bell, PhD

Melanie Bell

(520) 626-2795
Dean Billheimer, PhD

Dean Billheimer

(520) 626-9902

Benjamin Brady

Assistant Research Professor
(520) 440-1247

Leonard D. Brown

Assistant Research Professor
Heidi Brown, PhD, MPH

Heidi Brown

Associate Professor
(520) 626-2262
Jeff Burgess, MD, MS, MPH

Jeff Burgess

(520) 626-4918
Doug Campos-Outcalt, MD, MPA

Doug Campos-Outcalt

Senior Lecturer
(480) 628-9968
Richard Carmona, MD, MPH, FACS

Richard H. Carmona

Laureate Professor, Public Health, Health Promotion Sciences & Community, Environment and Policy (EHS)
(520) 749-9655 ext. 4889
Stephanie Russo Carroll DrPH, MPH

Stephanie Russo Carroll

Assistant Professor
(520) 626-4393
Dr. Scott Carvajal

Scott Carvajal

Interim Department Chair and Professor
(520) 626-9026
Zhao Chen, PhD, MPH

Zhao Chen

Distinguished Professor and Department Chair, Epidemiology and Biostatistics
(520) 626-9011

Felina Cordova-Marks

Assistant Professor, Public Health
Christina Cutshaw, PhD

Christina Cutshaw

Assistant Professor of Practice & Director of MEZCOPH Online
(520) 626-7020

Jill Guernsey de Zapien

Program Director
(520) 626-7083
Leslie Dennis, PhD, MS

Leslie Dennis

(520) 626-6408
Daniel Derksen, MD

Daniel Derksen

Walter H. Pearce Endowed Chair & Director University of Arizona Center for Rural Health; Professor of Public Health, Medicine and Nursing; UAHS Associate Vice President for Health Equity, Outreach and Interprofessional Activities
(520) 626-3085

James Dotherow

Postdoctoral Research Associate
Burris “Duke” Duncan, MD

Burris “Duke” Duncan

Professor Emeritus, Public Health & Pediatrics
(520) 626-9353
John Ehiri, PhD, MPH, MSc

John Ehiri

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Professor
(520) 626-1355
Katherine (Kate) Ellingson, PhD

Katherine (Kate) Ellingson

Assistant Research Professor
Kacey Ernst, PhD, MPH

Kacey Ernst

Professor & Program Director, Epidemiology
(520) 626-7374
Leslie Farland, ScD, MSc

Leslie Farland

Assistant Professor
(520) 626-8025
Janet Foote, PhD

Janet Foote

Assistant Professor of Practice
(602) 827-2239

Melissa Furlong

Assistant Professor
(520) 626-6925

Alejandra Gabriel


Ibrahim Garba

Assistant Research Professor

Francisco Garcia

Professor Emeritus, Family and Child Health
David Garcia, PhD

David O. Garcia

Associate Professor, Public Health
(520) 626-4641
Lynn Gerald, PhD, MSPH

Lynn Gerald

Professor & Endowed Chair, Zuckerman Family Prevention and Life Style Medicine
(520) 626-3243
Joe Gerald, MD, PhD

Joe Gerald

Associate Professor & Program Director, Public Health Policy & Management
(520) 626-4678

Christine L Girard

Laura Gronewold, PhD

Laura Gronewold

Iman Hakim, MBBCh, PhD, MPH

Iman Hakim

Dean and Professor, Mel & Enid Zuckerman Endowed Chair of Public Health
(520) 626-7083
Phil Harber, MD, MPH

Philip Harber

Adjunct Professor
(520) 626-1263
Robin Harris, PhD, MPH

Robin Harris

(520) 626-5357
Jennifer Hatcher, PhD, MPH, RN

Jennifer Hatcher

(602) 827-2880
Patricia L. Haynes, PhD, CBSM

Patricia Haynes

Associate Professor
(520) 626-1855
Paul Hsu, PhD

Paul Hsu

(520) 626-5054
Chengcheng Hu, PhD, MS

Chengcheng Hu

(520) 626-9308
Maia Ingram, MPH

Maia Ingram

Co-Director, Arizona Prevention Research Center
(520) 626-2267
Elizabeth Jacobs, PhD

Elizabeth Jacobs

(520) 626-0341

Alesia Jung

Postdoctoral Research Associate
Dr. Aminata Kilungo photo

Aminata Kilungo

Assistant Professor of Practice
(520) 626-8565
Klimentidis, PhD, MS

Yann Klimentidis

Associate Professor
(520) 621-0147
Lindsay Kohler, PhD, MPH

Lindsay Kohler

Assistant Research Professor
(520) 626-3357
Mary Koss, PhD

Mary Koss

Regents' Professor
(520) 626-3998
Karl Krupp, PhD

Karl Krupp

Assistant Professor
(520) 621-6315

Deanna Lewis


Chris Lim

Assistant Professor
Kimberly Lind

Kimberly Lind

Assistant Research Professor

Yiwen Liu

Assistant Professor of Practice

Breanne Lott

Postdoctoral Research Associate I
Purnima Madhivanan, MBSS, MPH, Ph.D.

Purnima Madhivanan

Associate Professor & Program Director, Family and Child Health & Global Health
(520) 621-5730
Priscilla Magrath

Priscilla Magrath

Senior Lecturer
(520) 626-2850
David Marrero, PhD

David Marrero

Professor, Office of the Senior Vice President for Health Sciences, HPS Joint Faculty
(520) 626-3281
Mark Martz, PhD

Mark Martz

Assistant Professor of Practice, Director of AZ Center for Tobacco Cessation
John Molina

John Molina

Martha Monroy, MA

Martha Monroy

Lecturer / Program Manager
(520) 626-8036

Tomas Nuno

Assistant Research Professor
(520) 626-1379
Velia Leybas Nuño, PhD, MSW

Velia Leybas Nuno

Assistant Professor of Practice & Program Director, BA in Wellness and Health Promotion Practice
(520) 626-3525
Mary Kay O’Rourke, PhD

Mary Kay O'Rourke

Professor Emeritus
(520) 626-6835
Adaeze Oguegbu

Adaeze Oguegbu

Lecturer and Internship Advisor, Online Master of Public Health (MPH)

Kelly Palmer

Assistant Professor, Public Health
Sheila Parker, MS, MPH, DrPH

Sheila Parker

Lecturer Emerita, Public Health
(520) 626-3667
Block A

Silvia Parra

Sydney Pettygrove, PhD

Sydney Pettygrove

Associate Research Professor
(520) 626-3704
Kristen Pogreba-Brown, PhD, MPH

Kristen Pogreba-Brown

Assistant Professor
(520) 626-3076
Kelly Reynolds, MSPH, PhD

Kelly Reynolds

Professor, Department Chair of Community, Environment and Policy, Interim Associate Dean for Research, Director of ESRAC
(520) 626-8230
Denise Roe, DrPH, MS

Denise Roe

Professor, Biostatistics & Dir. of Biometry
(520) 626-2281
Cecilia Rosales, MD, MS

Cecilia Rosales

Associate Dean of Community Engagement and Outreach, Associate Dean - Phoenix Programs

Dahae Seong

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Refugio Sepulveda

Assistant Research Professor
Eyal Shahar MD, MPH

Eyal Shahar

Professor Emeritus

Rodrigo Alfredo Silva

Amanda Sokan

Amanda E Sokan

Assistant Professor of Practice
(602) 827-2205
Xiaoxiao Sun, PhD

Xiaoxiao Sun

Assistant Professor
Dr. Mohan Tanniru

Mohan Tanniru

Douglas Taren, PhD

Douglas Taren

Professor Emeritus
(520) 626-8375
Cynthia Thomson, PhD, RD

Cynthia Thomson

Professor and Director, Canyon Ranch Center for Prevention and Health Promotion
(520) 940-1759
Karen J Tiggs

Karen J Tiggs


Gabriela Valdez

Director, Global Education, Assistant Professor of Practice, Interim Director of Global Health Program
(520) 626-6530
Marc Verhougstraete, PhD

Marc Verhougstraete

Assistant Professor
(520) 621-0254
Frank von Hipple

Frank A. von Hippel

Ronald Watson, PhD

Ronald Watson

Professor Emeritus
(520) 626-6317
Amanda Wilson

Amanda Wilson

Assistant Professor, Public Health
Nicole Yuan, PhD, MPH

Nicole Yuan

Associate Professor & Program Director, Health Behavior and Health Promotion
(520) 626-7215
Jin Zhou, PhD

Jin Zhou

Adjunct Associate Professor
(520) 626-1393

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