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Clinical & Translational Research Graduate Certificate

Universtiy of Arizona Clinical and Translational Research Group

The University of Arizona's Clinical & Translational Research (ACTR) graduate certificate program prepares interprofessional scientists for the complexities of clinical & translational research through high-quality didactic instruction, and mentored collaborative research experiences.

Sam M Keim, MD, MS“I completed the program in 2004. This program changed my career for the better in all domains. First, it gave me the fundamental skill sets to become an independent investigator and start meaningful research efforts. I can’t imagine an academic physician being able to progress through a career without these skills! Second, it provided the knowledge needed to become an effective learner and teacher of medicine based on current medical literature. Evidence based medicine is not easy – it requires a solid understanding of biostatistical and epidemiology concepts. Most importantly, the program introduced me to an enormous number of collaborators and mentors that I’ve continued to work with. Priceless!”

– Sam M. Keim, MD, MS

The mission of the ACTR is to educate interprofessional scholars in collaborative methods and techniques for clinical and translational research, and to provide them with the tools necessary to become independent clinical researchers who will contribute to the advancement of biomedical science and the improvement of healthcare.

Clinical and translational research is fundamental for prevention, treatment, diagnosis and relief of symptoms of disease in human populations. Worldwide, there is an increasing need for highly qualified clinical researchers. The ACTR graduate certificate program has a strong track record for training interprofessional translational clinical researchers.

This innovative training program integrates the knowledge and expertise of faculty and staff within the Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health, Arizona Health Sciences Center, and other University of Arizona departments. The interprofessional approach provides opportunities for program scholars to acquire fundamental clinical & translational research skills in a supportive environment.

This graduate certificate program can be successfully completed through taking courses in person or online or in a hybrid fashion of online and in person course work. The complete online training program and the hybrid training program have been specially designed to increase the accessibility of ACTR to busy health professionals and distant learners. The certificate program may be completed in as little as one year.

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