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Graduate Certificate in Public Health


The Graduate Certificate in Public Health provides working professionals a flexible and convenient option for advancing their public health training. Offered through both the Main and Arizona Online Campuses, it can be completed in one to four years.

The certificate is affiliated with the Master of Public Health (MPH) degree and consists of the five core courses that are required of all MPH graduates. Upon completion of the certificate, students who are admitted to the MPH program may apply all fifteen credits to their degree.

Applicants choose between taking courses as a member of the Main or Arizona Online Campus. Main Campus students have the choice of taking courses either in-person or online. Arizona Online students enjoy the flexibility of completing the curriculum completely online. Students without Arizona residency do not pay the non-resident tuition rate when they join the Arizona Online Campus.

Graduate Certificate in Public Health Curriculum

Required Courses (15 units)

  • EPID 573A Basic Principles of Epidemiology (3)
  • PHPM 574 Public Health Policy and Management (3)
  • EHS 575 Environmental and Occupational Health (3)
  • BIOS 576A Biostatistics for Public Health (3)
  • HPS 577 Sociocultural & Behavioral Aspects of Public Health (3)

Course Schedule Offered

Certificate Course Term Offered In Person Term Offered Online
EPI 573A Basic Principles of Epidemiology Fall Fall & Spring
PHPM 574 Public Health Policy & Management Fall & Spring Fall & Spring
EHS 575 Environmental & Occupational Health Spring Fall
BIOS 576A Biostatistics for Public Health Fall  Spring
HPS 577 Sociocultural & Behavioral Aspects of Public Health Fall & Spring Fall

Admissions Criteria

  • Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university with 2.75 GPA. (GPA is based on the last 60 undergraduate units, or if the applicant has 12 or more graduate units, the GPA will be based on graduate units.) Official transcripts are required for proof of previous degree and GPA. 
  • One course in college biology
  • One course in college algebra or a more advanced math course
  • One letter of recommendation
  • Resume or CV
  • Personal statement of experiences and goals
  • International applicants may need to provide proof of English proficiency

Application Process & Deadline

Apply online through the University of Arizona Graduate College:

Applicant Deadlines

Fall start

June 1st

Spring start

October 1st


Additional Information

Tuition & Fees

The cost for the certificate includes tuition and fees for a total of 15 credit units and varies by the campus the student selects. Students eligible for Qualified Tuition Reduction as a university employee, spouse or eligible dependent of a university employee may use this benefit to offset a majority of the cost. Certificate students are ineligible to receive most other forms of financial aid (including federal loans and graduate assistantship benefits).


Contact the Certificate Coordinator at: 

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