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Kelly R. Bright

Kelly R. Bright

Associate Research Professor, Environmental Science, Associate Research Professor of Public Health (EHS)

Community, Environment & Policy Department

Shantz 489
PO Box: 210038
Tucson AZ 85721


Associate Research Professor,Environmental Science
Associate Research Professor, Public Health

Member of the General Faculty 
Member of the University of Arizona One Health Program
Member of the University of Arizona Food Safety Consortium
Member of the Standard Methods 9750 Workgroup for Thermotolerant and Pathogenic Amoebae in Water.
Member of the National Naegleria and Drinking Water Task Force
Member of the Naegleria fowleri Scientific Advisory Working Group

Dr. Bright studies the occurrence, survival, and fate of microbial pathogens (disease-causing organisms) in the environment (including in all types of water) and is involved in the development of improved methods for their detection. Bright is also interested in water and wastewater treatment processes and the development of alternative disinfection technologies.

Research Synopsis

• Occurrence, survival, and fate of microbial pathogens in various environments
• New methods for the concentration and detection of pathogens in the environment (particularly water)
• Identification of alternative indicator organisms for determining the microbial safety of irrigation waters
• New technologies for water treatment
• Development of innovative antimicrobials
• Transfer or cross-contamination of pathogens by fomites / hands / water / food

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