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Theresa Cullen MD

Theresa  Cullen MD

Adjunct Professor, Public Health

Health Promotion Sciences Department

PO Box: 245210


Dr. Theresa Cullen is the Pima County Public Health Director. She has had a distinguished career as a public health physician, including retiring as a Public Health Service Officer from the federal government with the rank of Rear Admiral and Assistant U.S. Surgeon General.

Dr. Cullen has a long medical and public health career beginning as a family practice physician for the Indian Health Service in San Carlos, Arizona, and subsequently at San Xavier and Sells, Arizona, where she eventually became the Clinical Director. She then became the senior informatics consultant for Indian Health Service for six years; during that time, she was also appointed for one year as the Acting Director for the National Office of Planning and Evaluation for the Indian Health Service in Washington. She was subsequently chosen to be the Chief Information Officer in the Office of Information Technology. After retirement from U.S. Public Health Service, Dr. Cullen became the Chief Medical Information Officer and Director of Health Informatics for the Veterans Health Administration, including a one-year period as the Acting Deputy Director for the DoD/VA Integrated Electronic Health Record Initiative. In her most recent position, Dr. Cullen has been the Deputy Director for Global Health Informatics and an Associate Professor in Family Medicine at Regenstrief Institute/Indiana University.

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