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Tracy Crane PhD

Tracy  Crane PhD

Assitant Professor, Nursing and Public Health

Health Promotion Sciences Department

Nursing 337
PO Box: 210203
Tucson AZ 85721
(520) 626-2528


Much of my career has been focused on cancer survivorship.  First as a registered dietitian nutritionist working with oncology patients, then as a study coordinator for several national diet and/or physical activity interventions, and now as an assistant professor in Nursing, Public Health and Nutrition Sciences. My research focus and priority is to improve adherence to healthy lifestyle behaviors including diet, physical activity and tobacco abstinence in cancer survivors and their informal caregivers. I am committed to building the evidence base for e and mhealth interventions in an effort to reach the greatest number of survivors. I am cognizant that the majority of survivors are living with lingering and burdensome symptoms as a result of treatment related toxicities and adverse events that challenge their ability to achieve recommended diet and physical activity goals. Designing lifestyle interventions that address and are integrated with symptom management strategies is the primary foci of my research program.

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