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This is Public Health 2012 Calendar

Sharing food with children rural villages outside of Jiujiang in Jiangxi Province in China.

Dr. Eric Lutz shares food with a couple of local boys in a village outside of Jiujiang in Southern China.

The Association of Schools of Public Health (ASPH) has a new calendar for 2012 that highlights the contributions of members of the public health workforce to improve the health and well being of people in local communities and around the globe. Photographs in the calendar were provided by participants in the “This is Public Health” campaign as well as ASPH fellows.

The featured photograph for the month of August was submitted by Eric Lutz, PhD, assistant professor of Environmental and Occupational Health at the University of Arizona’s Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health.

The picture was taken while Dr. Lutz  was in China helping with an epidemiologic study of schistosomiasis infection in rural villages outside of Jiujiang in Jiangxi Province.

"In the picture, I was sharing food with a couple of local boys who also shared local food with me," said Lutz.

The calendar can be ordered for $2.00.

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