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Academic Health Department Student Interns Produce Infographics to Support COVID-19 Response


Student interns working through the Academic Health Department under the guidance of Emily Waldron are creating infographics to educate the community and communicate prevention practices in the fight against COVID-19.


As the number of COVID-19 cases in Arizona continue to increase, students in the Academic Health Department (AHD) at the Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health (MEZCOPH) are supporting faculty and staff in their response to the pandemic by creating infographics that communicate the best practices to prevent the spread of the virus.


The AHD, an initiative under Dr. Cecilia Rosales, Interim Associate Dean of Community Engagement and Outreach, functions as a formal, mutually beneficial partnership between academic departments in MEZCOPH and local health departments (such as Pima County Health Department). This collaboration enhances public health instruction, practice, research, and workforce development, and it also serves to improve health outcomes in counties throughout Arizona. During the past year, MEZCOPH has established Academic Health Departments with Pima County Health Department and Cochise County Health and Social Services. Recently, AHD student interns Kate O’Driscoll and Maxwell Allen, under the direction of Emily Waldron, Community Engagement and Outreach Coordinator at MEZCOPH, have collaborated with faculty to develop research-driven infographics for local health departments, nonprofit organizations, and the University of Arizona community. The infographics deliver COVID-19 education and prevention practices in an accessible, easily comprehensible way.

Kate and Maxwell are both seniors at the University of Arizona. Kate is a Public Management and Policy major, minoring in Nutritional Science, and Maxwell is a Communication major, minoring in Public Relations. Kate and Maxwell were working with the Academic Health Department on other projects before the pandemic, but they both quickly pivoted to meet the new challenge. Both of them are now using the internship as an opportunity to collaborate with faculty and support community partners in the response to COVID-19.

Below are infographics Kate and Maxwell developed.

COVID covid coronavirus virus covid19 corona

The University of Arizona red triangle graphic