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Fight COVID! Contact Tracing Course for Fall 2020 – Learn and Give Back

To support the Contact Tracing Team for the UArizona Reentry Plan for Fall 2020, Kristen Pogreba-Brown will offer a Contact Tracing course so students can receive credit for learning skills and serving the community as Contact Tracers. Any student can sign up!

Course Name

Topics in Epidemiology: Contact Tracing and Public Health Response. EPID 496/596 Service-Learning Course

Course Description

Contact tracing, a proven method to slow and stop the spread of disease, has been an important public health tool for decades. This service-learning course will teach students how contact tracing works, how to implement contact tracing during an outbreak or pandemic, and train them to conduct professional contract tracing interviews. Students will gain real-world experience working as contact tracers during the COVID-19 pandemic as part of the Contact Tracing team to support the UArizona Reentry Plan. The virtual call center system enables students to work from home when they perform as Contact Tracers.

Register for this 3-credit course to learn an important public health skill and serve your community!

The name of the Contact Tracing course is “Topics in Epidemiology” EPID 496/596 and it is ready for enrollment. Students can see the course topic: “Contact Tracing and Public Health Response” in the course notes. Go to UAccess and sign up today!

EPID 496 – Topics in Epidemiology: Contact Tracing and Public Health Response (course #70834)

EPID 596 – Topics in Epidemiology: Contact Tracing and Public Health Response (course #70835)


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