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UArizona Students on the Health Promotion Ambassadors Team Will Support Safe Reentry to Campus

Students in the Health Promotion Ambassadors (HPA) program will help guide their fellow students across campus through the UArizona Reentry Plan and the 3T’s (Test, Trace, Treat) strategy. The Ambassadors will learn about the safety guidelines, the components of the 3T’s strategy, and how all the pieces fit together so they can support students across campus and answer questions during the Reentry process. Additionally, a series of Training Modules for the HPA program will be available on the Western Region Public Health Training Center website.

PROGRAM – UArizona Health Promotion Ambassadors

The UArizona Health Promotion Ambassadors program provides training for students to understand the guidelines and systems (Test, Trace, Treat) in place for a safe Fall 2020 Reentry to campus so they can communicate the “how” and “why” of those guidelines to other students. The HPAs will use their knowledge to inspire a “culture of health promotion” that models expected behaviors to include social distancing, mask-wearing, testing, and wellness self-reporting, all the practices that will keep the UArizona Reentry process as safe as possible.

In addition to the basic orientation training for the UArizona Reentry Plan and the “Test, Trace, Treat” strategy, the HPA program will also offer online Training Modules developed by faculty and students at the Zuckerman College of Public Health (COPH), including the “Ambassador Model” training that explains how a student ambassador approach works, and a seven module series titled “Contact Tracing Program” that was developed to train Contact Tracers. The Training Modules will be accessed through the Western Region Public Health Training Center (WRPHTC) which is part of COPH. More information and links available farther down this page.

We encourage student groups, individual students, and student ambassadors from Colleges across the UArizona campus to take the trainings, ask questions, learn the mission, and promote health behaviors that will keep us all safe. The Ambassadors will play a vital role to stop the spread of the virus and keep campus open for in-person learning, teaching, and research.

For more information about the Health Promotion Ambassadors program and training, contact Tim Gustafson, Student Workforce Branch Director for the UArizona Reentry Incident Command System:

MISSION ­– We Keep Each Other Healthy

The success of the UArizona Reentry Plan for Fall 2020 depends on students. If students follow the guidelines for Reentry (get tested, social distance, wear face coverings, download the Covid Watch Arizona app, participate in the Wildcat WellCheck system) then we can significantly reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection outbreaks.

To accomplish that goal, we need to inspire a “culture of health promotion” among students, a feeling of responsibility for the health of their fellow students and the whole university community. The best way to build that culture is through students communicating to students –peer to peer engagement. That is the pivotal role of the students who volunteer for the Health Promotion Ambassadors program. They will have the knowledge, they will understand the stakes, they will be able to engage their fellow students and elevate responsible behavior. Mask Up Arizona!

Start Now – 4 Steps For Reentry

The university has provided four simple steps for a safe return to campus, four steps that are easy to remember and follow. For the majority of students, the Do Your Part 4 Steps For Reentry is all they need to know when they come back:

1) Get Tested

2) Mask Up

3) Download Covid Watch Arizona

4) Sign up for Wildcat WellCheck

You can find the Do Your Part four steps info on the UArizona website here:

And here are two helpful videos to understand the Do Your Part approach:

Do Your Part Campus Reentry Video:

Classroom Expectations Video:

The Health Promotion Ambassadors will understand the bigger picture, the intent of the Test, Trace, Treat (3Ts) strategy and how all the components fit together to keep us safe. They’ll be able to communicate the 3T’s strategy to their fellow students and answer questions.

Health Promotion Ambassador Training

There are several resources for the Health Promotion Ambassador training. In order of priority, the trainings include:

1) The Test, Trace, Treat Orientation Training for a Safe Return

2) The Ambassadors Model Training

3) The Contact Tracing Program Training series

All three trainings are valuable. The basic Test, Trace, Treat Orientation is the most important for all Health Promotion Ambassadors and should be the first priority because it provides a foundational understanding of the specific UArizona Reentry Plan and how all the pieces of Test, Trace, Treat fit together to keep us safe. The Ambassadors Model training will help students understand the value of the Ambassador approach generally. And the Contact Tracing Program series of seven training modules will provide a more comprehensive understanding of COVID-19 prevention methods, Contact Tracing implementation, and the social and political ramifications of the pandemic.

You can watch a video of an Ambassador Orientation Zoom Meeting that introduces all three training resources here:

We hope you will become an Ambassador, and help the UArizona return safely to campus. Thank you for your time, attention, and compassion!

Orientation Training for UArizona 3T’s Reentry Plan: Why Test, Trace, Treat?

The 3T’s strategy is designed to quickly identify people in the campus community who are infected, provide the healthcare they need, alert those who may have been exposed to the infected person, and prevent the infected person from infecting others.

Health Promotion Ambassadors must understand the “how” and “why” of the Test, Trace, Treat (3T’s) strategy for the return to campus, and they must learn how all the components of 3T’s work together, so they can provide guidance and answer questions from their fellow students.

This basic Test, Trace, Treat strategy orientation is the foundational training:

Download the Orientation Training for 3T’s Reentry Plan PowerPoint slide deck

The Ambassador Model for Public Health Promotion

This orientation training called The Student Ambassador Model: Crushing COVID-19 Through Peer Education, is designed to give an overview of the student Ambassadors model for health promotion, and how the model works on a college campus to promote healthy behaviors and slow the spread of COVID-19. This training is hosted on the Western Region Public Health Training Center (WRPHTC) website. Students will need to create a “Moodle” account on the WRPHTC site to access this Ambassador Model training. Creating a Moodle account is quick and easy. Then students will need to enter the Enrollment Key below.

Video guide to get started on Moodle:

Direct link to Ambassador Model training:

Enrollment Key: MEZCOPH_Ambassadors

Contact Tracing Program Training Modules

In addition to the basic training on the UArizona “Test, Trace, Treat” strategy and the “Ambassdor Model” orientation training, the Health Promotion Ambassadors program offers this series of seven Training Modules developed by faculty and students at COPH to train Contact Tracers. These “Contact Tracing Program” training modules provide a more comprehensive education for Ambassadors around COVID-19 prevention and the advantages of Contact Tracing to stop the spread of the virus. The Training Modules can be accessed through the Western Region Public Health Training Center (WRPHTC) which is part of COPH. The WRPHTC has extensive experience with online Training Modules as part of its public health mission.

Seven modules have been created on different topics: 1) Contact Tracing 2) Economics of COVID-19 3) COVID-19 Epidemiology 4) Incident Command System at UArizona 5) Interviewing Techniques, 6) Medical Electronic Disease Surveillance Intelligence System, and 7) Politics of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Users who complete all seven training modules will receive a “Certificate of Achievement” from WRPHTC and have a substantial understanding of pandemic response.

To take the Contact Tracing Program training modules, Ambassadors will need to set up an account with Moodle at:

Here is the video guide to get started on Moodle:

The COVID Ambassadors Team, Student Employment Opportunity

Under the leadership of Julie Katsel, Senior Director, Local and Community Government Relations, the COVID Ambassador Team will employ students to promote healthy behaviors on campus. The Team of paid student ambassadors will be deployed in high traffic areas, both on campus and near campus, to positively encourage students to Bear Down and Mask Up. These students will be responsible for passing out masks to campus visitors, providing information, and simply welcoming people while reminding the campus community about our public health guidelines to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus. These students have no direct role in assuring compliance with the University’s face covering directive or the City’s face covering ordinance, and will be instructed to avoid confrontation.

For more information contact Julie Katsel:

Quick UArizona Reentry Links for Ambassadors

Campus Health:

UArizona Mask (Face Coverings) Guidelines Page:

UArizona Test, Trace, Treat Page:

UArizona COVID-19 Testing Page:

UArizona Traditional Contact Tracing Page:

Housing and Residence Life:

Counseling and Psych Services (CAPS)


Thank you for becoming a Health Promotion Ambassador to keep our campus healthy!

Mask Up, Bear Down!

The University of Arizona