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Calling All UArizona Students, Staff, and Faculty: Volunteer for Vaccine Distribution!


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The UArizona Vaccine Point of Distribution (POD) site needs a small army of volunteers to support vaccine distribution over the next several weeks. We encourage all students, staff, and faculty and community members to sign up and support the Arizona vaccination effort so that we can all return to school and work in the months ahead.

The University of Arizona’s Point of Distribution (POD) for the COVID-19 vaccine has become a State of Arizona POD. The UArizona POD prioritizes educators and childcare workers. So far, the volunteer program has been a big success guided by Dr. Kristen Pogreba-Brown and her team from the Zuckerman College of Public Health.

All UArizona students, staff, and faculty can volunteer.

Community Members are also encouraged to volunteer! They simply need to fill out the form to become a UArizona Designated Campus Colleague (DCC). The DCC form is part of the Volunteer Registration process on the REDCap platform, go to the link below. We welcome all Community Members who are able to volunteer and support the UArizona vaccination POD so together we can stop COVID!

Register Here

If you are interested, please fill out this Volunteer Registration form and you will receive instructions soon about how to sign up for shifts. The University of Arizona is recruiting both medical and non-medical volunteers to help staff drive-thru and walk-up vaccination sites at the University of Arizona main campus in Tucson. Our goal as a state POD is to operate 24/7 and vaccinate up to 6000 people per day.

UArizona POD Volunteer Opportunities

The UArizona POD is recruiting both medical and non-medical volunteers to help staff drive-thru and sit-down vaccination sites. Many hands are needed to accomplish the feat of vaccinating the people of Pima County. Whatever your background, training or interests, we have an important role for you!

NOTE: All volunteers must be at least 18 years of age

Most volunteer positions require standing and walking outside as well as interacting, while masked, outside, and at a distance, with vaccine recipients who are in their cars. Snacks, water and a break location will be provided. Masks are to be worn at all times while on the UA campus.

Volunteer Vaccination

For all volunteer roles, after the completion of one (1) shift you are eligible to be registered for vaccination. Volunteers typically receive their first vaccination dose within a few days of their first shift. We will assist our eligible volunteers with registering for their vaccine appointment.

Specialized Volunteer Opportunities

If you choose to volunteer in a specialized role (scribe, vaccinator, registration or observation assistant), we request that you work at least 3 (three) shifts at this POD location due to the need for advanced training. It takes the hard work of our entire community to deliver vaccinations, and we appreciate all return volunteers in these roles!

If you are interested in organizing a group to volunteer together, please contact Ann Harris at

HIPPA Certification

All volunteers will need to take the quick and easy (5 minutes) HIPPA Training Certification before they can complete registration. Community Members: you will not be able to do the HIPPA Training Certification until you complete the DCC application process. The Volunteer Registration process on the REDCap platform will prompt all applicants to do the quick and easy HIPPA Certification using the EDGE platform accessed using your NetID.

Students, staff, faculty, and DCCs can do the HIPPA Training Certification before you Register here:

Recruitment and scheduling for all volunteers will continue throughout the semester.  You will receive an email and then be able to log on using a provided link and sign up for shifts.

Here are answers to some common questions.

  1. Will I get vaccinated if I volunteer?  Volunteers are eligible to get vaccinated after one shift, and most receive their first dose at the end of their first shift or within a few days.
  2. If I am not vaccinated, what are the risks? All volunteers and staff are expected to keep their distance as much as possible, wear surgical masks provided on site and not show up if you are feeling even a little bit sick. It is not no risk, but attention to infection control is key and everyone’s responsibility.
  3. I’m not a clinician, what can I do to help? LOTS of things! We actually need far more non-medical volunteers than medical to make the POD function effectively. Jobs vary from greeter, screener, ‘runner’, observation, volunteer coordinator, etc. You don’t have to know what any of that means, we will train you when you show up. Some jobs require standing/walking, others can sit more, just let us know if you need any accommodations, we can make it work!
  4. I am a licensed clinician, can I help vaccinate? Yes!  There are additional forms you need to fill out, but once we have all your credentials on file, we can include you in the Medical team.
  5. I am a student who is trained to give shots, can I do so at the POD? Not at this time, but we still need help in all different parts of the POD including observing people for reactions afterwards.
  6. I am a faculty or staff member, can I do this on my work hours? Ask your boss.
  7. What are the expected hours of operation? The POD operates from 10am to 10pm daily. Volunteer shifts last 6 hours. You will be able to use our online scheduling software to sign up for days and times that work for you.
  8. What are the expected days of operation?  The UArizona POD operates 7 days a week from 10am to 10pm.


A message from Kristen Pogrba-Brown, PhD, MPH, Zuckerman College of Public Health:

As someone who has worked at several PODs over the years and this one over the last week, I can say it feels great to be doing something productive and useful to improve public health and move us all a little bit closer to ‘normal’ again.

We need help! I am confident we can get an army of public health volunteers from our Colleges in Health Sciences and across campus. This is public health at its core, it’s what we do, even if this isn’t anything you’ve actually ever done!

See you all at the POD soon!



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