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Arizona Rural Health Conference Brings Together Health Leaders from Across Arizona

Opening session at the 48th Annual AZ Rural Health Conference

At the 48th Annual Arizona Rural Health Conference in Flagstaff, AZ, health professionals and community members from across the state gathered to share news and knowledge that will build networks and improve care for diverse communities all over Arizona. Organized every year by the Arizona Center for Rural Health at the University of Arizona, this year the conference took place on June 14 & 15, 2022.

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COVID Through A Health Equity Lens: Current Response and Charting a Path Forward, Moderator: Mona Arora, PhD, MsPH, Program Director, AzAHEAD ADHS-CDC COVID Disparities Initiative, Arizona Center for Rural Health

All of US exhibitor talking to an attendee

Front: Francisco A. Moreno, MD, Associate Vice President for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion & Director of the Hispanic Center of Excellence (left); Daniel Derksen, MD, Endowed Chair & Director, Arizona Center for Rural Health (right)
Back: AzCRH staff (left to right) Rod Gorrell, Melissa Quezada, Jill Bullock, and Joyce Hospodar

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