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New Text-Based Health Information System Will Support Health Services in Rural Arizona

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The AZCOVIDTXT-RH text-based system will deliver timely, verified health information to rural healthcare workers on their phones, guidance that will help improve rural health services and build resilience.

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The Arizona Center for Rural Health has launched a new text-based information delivery system, AZCOVIDTXT-RH, that will deliver timely, verified health information to rural healthcare workers on their phones, guidance that will help improve rural health services and build resilience. Users who sign up for the system will receive text messages with customized health and safety information that will keep them current on the best available science. The service will empower rural healthcare workers and providers to make informed decisions and keep their communities safe.

The new system builds on the AZCOVIDTXT platform that was developed by health sciences faculty at the University of Arizona during the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic to keep citizens and communities updated on science-based health and safety guidance. The ease and convenience of the text-based service that delivers customized information to mobile phones will be a significant advantage for rural healthcare workers and health service providers.

Working Collaboratively

Further, the AZCOVIDTXT-RH team will work collaboratively with healthcare workers by seeking feedback and suggestions on the information they receive. This interactive partnership will enable the team to continually improve the system. Further, the team will offer the service in both English and Spanish.


Using the AZCOVIDTXT-RH service, our team will deliver tailored information related to social determinants of health to rural healthcare workers in Arizona. This knowledge will build resilience among workers and their communities to protect against future health disasters, help prevent shocks to community wellbeing, and promote health equity.

The team works to:

  1. Provide rural healthcare workers with weekly, tailored, professional health information related to community-specific social determinants of health
  2. Support rural healthcare workers to effectively communicate health information to their communities
  3. Incorporate feedback from community advisors and participants to improve the service
  4. Collaborate with local partners and organizations who are pursuing similar health objectives

How to join?

Text “JOIN” or "UNIRSE" to 1-833-410-2974

Interested in joining AZCOVIDTXT-RH? First, subscribe by texting the word “JOIN” (or the word “UNIRSE” for the Spanish language version) to the AZCOVIDTXT-RH phone number (1-833-410-2974). Next, complete a brief intake survey which so that the information you receive is tailored for your needs and interests. That’s all! You will start to receive relevant weekly health information. You’ll also be given opportunities to provide feedback on programmatic features and content. Sign up today!

¿Cómo suscribirse?
¿Está interesado en unirte a AZCOVIDTXT-RH? Primero, suscríbese enviando un mensaje de texto con la palabra "UNIRSE" al número de teléfono de AZCOVIDTXT-RH (tel:1-833-410-2974). A continuación, completa una breve encuesta de admisión para que la información que recibas se adapte a tus necesidades e intereses. Eso es todo. Ya está inscrito para empezar a recibir información sanitaria semanal relevante. También tendrá la oportunidad de dar su opinión sobre las características y el contenido del programa. ¡Inscríbase hoy mismo!

Who are we?

The AZCOVIDTXT-RH team is comprised of staff, faculty, and students across multiple colleges at the University of Arizona, including the Zuckerman College of Public Health, the College of Medicine-Tucson, the Department of Communications, the Department of Linguistics, and more. AZCOVIDTXT-RH is supported by the Arizona Center for Rural Health, as a component of the AHEAD AZ grant.

For more information:

The AZCOVIDTXT-RH team hopes you will join our program and gain access to the useful information we are sharing via text. You may also visit our website ( or Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages (@azcovidtxt) to learn more!  Finally, if you are from a rural community or are a healthcare professional working with rural communities in Arizona and would like to help make our program better to meet the needs of rural communities, please email Maiya Block, or follow this link to fill out our interest survey and we’ll contact you: Thanks!

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