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Visit from University of Technology Sydney in Australia Builds Partnership with UArizona College of Public Health

Photo of Jon Adams with Roxanna Apaez and Gaby ValdezJon Adams with Roxanna Apaez (left) and Gaby Valdez (right)

Professor Jon Adams from University of Technology Sydney, Australia, a leader in integrative medicine and public health research, visited the Zuckerman College of Public Health and met with several faculty members to establish collaborative educational and research relationships and build the international partnership between the two universities.

In August 2022, Jon Adams, PhD, MA, distinguished professor of public health at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) in Australia, visited the Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health (MEZCOPH) at the University of Arizona to continue to build the partnership between the two universities for public health education and research. Dr. Adams serves as director of the Australian Research Centre in Complementary and Integrative Medicine (ARCCIM) and deputy head of school (Research) at the School of Public Health, University of Technology Sydney (UTS). The visit was coordinated by the Global Health Institute (GHI), and MEZCOPH’s Community, Environment, and Policy Department.

Photo of Jon Adams
One Health faculty met with Dr. Adams. Left to Right: Dr. Kelly Reynolds, Dr. Jon Adams, Dr. Aminata Kilungo, Dr. Frank von Hippel

In addition to meeting with the GHI team, Dr. Adams met with faculty who focus on a range of topics that correspond with research being done by UTS in Australia, including environmental health, one health, Indigenous health, and maternal and child health. Those face-to-face meetings were very valuable exchanges and established relationships that everyone involved hopes will result in research collaboration between the two institutions. In addition to numerous meetings with faculty, Dr. Adams presented a seminar, The critical public health of traditional, complementary, integrative and self-care health practices: advances and opportunities, for the college community and talked about the widespread use of traditional care practices in both Indigenous and immigrant communities in Australia.

All of us in the college want to thank Dr. Adams for his visit! Our faculty enjoyed the discussions on a range of research topics where we have shared interests. Looking ahead, we will be pleased to collaborate with UTS and Dr. Adams on future public health education and research endeavors and build the partnership between the two universities!

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