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California Alumni Connect in San Diego

Public Health alumni group gathered in San Diego, CA

MEZCOPH alumni who now live and work in California gathered for a lunch in San Diego, hosted by Nicole Zuckerman-Morris JD, to catch up, connect, and share their stories.

Nicole Zuckerman-Morris, JD, grand-daughter of Mel Zuckerman, the founding funder of the Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health, hosted a lunch event in San Diego to bring together some of the college’s California alumni for an afternoon of community and connection. The gathering, named “Lunch with 12 Wildcats” was inspired by the national “Dinner for 12 Strangers” program.

The event provided a comfortable, casual opportunity for students, alumni, donors and friends of the college to learn about each other, talk about academic and professional development in the public health field, and build a local community of support.

As guests arrived, Dean Iman Hakim and Nicole Zuckerman-Morris welcomed everyone. At lunch, each guest introduced themselves, explained how they are affiliated with the college, and talked about the work they do now in public health. Lunch was delicious, the views were lovely, and the company was the best! It was a welcome opportunity for connection and community. Thanks to everyone who joined us in San Diego!

Co-host Nicole Zuckerman-Morris JD with Dean Hakim welcoming alumni, students, and community supporters.

Ann Thomas MSN '17, BS '13 with her husband Roy Joseph.

Erika Shuster MPH '14, Kara Yagade BS '22, and current online student, Reem Miri.

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Nicolas Lopez-Galvez PhD '20, MPH, MA with wife Brittnie Bloom PhD, MS

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