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ADHS Medical Marijuana Project

We are in our fifth year of an established agreement for research and evaluation services for Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) Medical Marijuana Programs, using research, evaluation, compilation of statistical data on established resources, preparation of reports, development, update and maintenance of curriculum and technological resources and data sharing as requested for the Medical Marijuana division of ADHS.

Deliverables from project work include the following:

  • Yearly, comprehensive program implementation plan to be provided to ADHS no later than 30 business days from contract start date, including proposed total costs allocated to personnel, operations, travel, direct and indirect costs; and yearly total project costs; 
  • Preparation and continual update of Continuing Medical Education/CEU/CME programs for medical providers and other interested parties, related to Medical Marijuana, including all administrative, maintenance and technological responsibilities associated; including, but not limited to the conversion of system requirements to TRAIN format.  Medical Marijuana Course update, conversion and maintenance shall include updates, as new or emerging information or changes become available, to the following content items: 
    • Welcome Page (with as needed update from ADHS Director);
    • Module 1-Introduction Page—Lessons 1-3;
    • Module 2-Physician’s roles, duties and risks—Lessons 1-3;
    • Module 3-Marijuana 101—The medicinal uses and risks of marijuana—Lessons 1-3;
    • Module 4—Procedures and rules for the Arizona Medical Marijuana Program—Lessons 1-3;
    • Module 5—Dispensary Medical Director—Lesson 1;
    • Course rating survey; and
    • Certificate of Completion (to include text approved by ADHS).  Total content shall include 84 screens in all lessons; 11 quizzes, introduction section, feedback survey and certificate.
  • Review and evaluation, and/or addition or reformatting of new and debilitating conditions to the Clinical Trials database, including associated administrative, maintenance, travel-related, and technological responsibilities, to be updated as new conditions emerge and published to the Continuing Medical Education website in order to notify interested patients of studies that will be conducted in the United States, pursuant to ARS ss 36-2804.02 (B), Registration of qualifying patients and designated caregiver;.
  • Quarterly progress reports to be provided to ADHS, in Department approved format, no later than 30 business days from the end quarter date, illustrating all progress “to-date.”;
  • Quarterly CER reports (for ¼ of the total amount each quarter period; adjusted for clinical trials per request) to be provided to ADHS, in Department approved format, no later than 30 business days from the quarter end date; and, submitted to and copied to the designated Medical Marijuana Program point-of contact (subject to change); and
  • Submission of any project-specific products, according to timelines set out in an ADHS approved program implementation plan. 
Start Year: 
End Year: 

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