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Alcoholism and violence among Native American tribes

This grant was funded by a K23 award from the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. The purpose was for Nicole Yuan to develop skills and expertise in the study of alcoholism and violence among Native Americans and other vulnerable populations with an emphasis on public health and community-based research methodologies. Dr. Yuan's career development plan included: 1) completion of the requirements for an MPH degree; 2) training in alcohol, genetic, and Native American health epidemiology and research methods; and 3) production of empirical papers, conference presentations, and grant proposals. Her primary sponsor and mentor was Dr. Mary P. Koss. Dr. Yuan's research plan consisted of three phases: 1) secondary analyses of data from the Ten Tribes Study; 2) pilot study with the tribes; and 3) research collaboration to develop a follow-up study with full participation from the tribes. After receiving a no-cost extension, the final end date was December 2011.

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