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Coordinated Community Care Model

All activities conducted by the contractor will be implemented through community-based participatory methods supportive of building both professional and organizational capacity. A participatory model will be used that incorporates evaluation as part of program design, actively involves staff and program participants, and continuously incorporates evaluation into program implementation.

Maia Ingram, MPH, Co-Director of the Prevention Research Center, will serve as the Principal Investigator or lead staff member for the MEZCOPH and will work on the contract with a ORA in providing evaluation services to the Mariposa Community Health Center (MCHC) in the evaluation of the Coordinated Community Care Model, a collaboration between MCHC and the Rio Rico Fire Department

Activities Include:

1)     Review communication protocol and revise as needed

2)     Monitor and update CCCM Logic Model

3)     Conduct process evaluation with a focus on barriers, successes and recommendations in the expansion of the CCCM to other fire departments in the. region

4)     Oversee outcome evaluation of CHW and CCCM services related to chronic disease indicators using EMR

5)     Participate in project meetings.

Start Year: 
End Year: 
MEZCOPH Researchers: 

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