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Indoor mold control on porous surfaces using household bleach

This study aims to evaluate the efficacy of household bleach for preventing the growth of mold on porous gypsum-wall board. Drywall tiles were inoculated with Penicillium brevi-compactum and Alternaria alternata spores. The molds were grown under saturated conditions for one week to encourage mycelium production and the tiles were treated with a household bleach solution (5250 ppm sodium hypochlorite) with a 10 minute contact time. Treatment with water and no treatment were included as controls. Household bleach reduced >99% of mold on drywall surfaces. Household bleach is effective at reducing mold on porous surfaces with complete removal achievable after repeated application. Routine use of bleach on porous surfaces may therefore be useful as part of an overall strategy to reduce mold contaminants in indoor environments.

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