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Prenatal Exposure to Pesticide Mixtures and Childhood ADHD

This environmental epidemiology project is a mentored research award (K99/R00) from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS). The project's goals are to 1) create models of atmospheric dispersions of agricultural organophosphorus and pyrethroid pesticide applications over a 20 year period in Arizona, 2) to construct a case control study of ADHD in Arizona by applying a validated algorithm to Medicaid (AHCCCS) claim records, and 3) to examine associations between the modeled ambient pesticide concentrations during fetal/early life and ADHD. The project also employs the use of novel mixture methods, primarily Bayesian Kernel Machine Regression, to assess the potential for mixture effects of different pesticide exposures.

Beate Ritz is a Co-Mentor for this project with Paloma Beamer. Avellino Arellano is a collaborator for this project as well. 

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