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SMAP-Informed Modeling of Dengue and Chikungunya Along the U.S./Mexico Border

Dr. Kacey Ernst (U of AZ, an epidemiologist). The role of Dr. Ernst on the project will be to inform the parameterization of the SEIR models for chikungunya and to refine the model for dengue as new information is generated in the literature. Further she will assist with informing the modifications to the DyMSiM model which includes the parameterization of humidity-related influences on the bionomics of the Ae. aegypti mosquito. She will assist in the validation of said models using multiple data sources. She will be responsible for coordinating access to data from multiple sources including 1) the Sonoran Department of Health for case data on dengue and chikungunya (as available) and 2) adult Ae. aegypti density and longevity information, and 3) ground measurements of humidity and temperature. She will assist in the interpretation of results and its relevance to informing stakeholders about the current risks and dynamics of chikungunya and dengue transmission in the region. She will participate in manuscripts and presentations that arise from the work conducted.

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