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Bachelor of Arts in Wellness and Health Promotion Practice

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BA in Wellness and Health Promotion Practice

With the growing emphasis on health promotion and preventative care, new opportunities in wellness-related industries emerge every day and benefit diverse communities. Our BA in Wellness and Health Promotion Practice prepares students for a career in this rewarding field.

Choose among 3 degree emphasis

Health Education Emphasis

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If you are inspired to guide individuals and communities on the path to good health and overall wellness, then this emphasis is for you!

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Available Online and In Person

Health and Wellness Emphasis

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If you believe in helping others achieve optimal wellness and good health, then this emphasis is for you!

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Available Online and In Person

Aging and Population Health Emphasis

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If you’re passionate about protecting and promoting the health of diverse elder communities, then immerse yourself in this emphasis.

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Available Online and In Person


A Video Introduction to the BA Degree from Dr. Velia Leybas Nuno


Start at Pima Community College, transfer to the University of Arizona to earn your BA in Wellness!

Our partnership with Pima Community College (PCC) provides a direct pathway for community college students to transfer from the PCC’s Associates of Arts in Fitness and Wellness program to the college’s BA in Wellness and Health Promotion Practice degree program, a pathway that enables students to start at Pima, transfer all credits, and finish with their BA from University of Arizona. Our BA graduates are in demand for jobs in health and wellness services!

To learn more, contact our Coordinator for Undergraduate Programs at

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Declaring the Wellness and Health Promotion Practice Major

Students interested in adding the Wellness and Health Promotion Practice major and/or meeting with an academic advisor should take the following actions. Note: the steps outlined below are the same for students enrolled in either main campus or Arizona Online:

  1. Meet the 2.00 GPA requirement – This is a firm requirement for the change into Wellness and Health Promotion Practice.
  2. Review the Information Session PowerPoint slides (as a PDF).
  3. Watch the Wellness and Health Promotion Practice information video (available with captions.)
  4. Complete the Information Session Worksheet.
  5. Complete the appropriate BAWHPP advising worksheet listed below. Note: Download and save the advising worksheet (as a Word document) to your computer to make edits.
    • Students interested in pursuing the degree on MAIN/Tucson campus, complete the correct advising worksheet below, based on when you were admitted to UArizona:
    • Students interesting in pursuing the degree on the fully ONLINE campus, complete the correct advising worksheet below, based on when you were admitted to UArizona:
  6. Email the completed advising worksheet to your assigned academic advisor.

Upon submission of the change of major forms, please allow up to five business days for your major to be changed and to receive email confirmation. Please be aware that your advisor may return the forms to you to be re-done if they are not completed thoroughly or contain errors.

To advance the public health mission of the Zuckerman College of Public Health, the Bachelor of Arts in Wellness and Health Promotion Practice (WHPP) will promote the health and wellness of diverse communities across the southwest and globally.

The major in WHPP offers students the opportunity to develop the knowledge, skills, ethics, and cultural competencies needed to provide professional wellness services and interventions. Students learn to work with diverse populations in a range of communities and stages of life, and to promote a healthy lifestyle and overall wellness. This knowledge guides them to nurture optimal wellness within themselves, among individuals, in families and communities.

Experiential learning is a cornerstone of the new WHPP BA program. Our experiential learning model combines classroom study with practical, hands-on experience, providing students the opportunity to put knowledge and skills into practice, and to gain the competitive edge they need to advance their career. The practicum and internships are in a variety of settings such as homes, communities, governmental organizations, businesses, health care centers, hospitals, schools, faith-based organizations and other non-governmental organizations. 

Meeting the needs of our aging society is one of the most significant public health challenges of the 21st century. Our Aging and Population Health elective subplan prepares students for career opportunities in human services, government agencies, retirement communities, nursing homes, health care and long-term institutional care facilities.

Become a health educator! By completing the BA and selecting the Health Education elective subplan, students will be prepared for the Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES) exam offered through the National Commission for Health Education Credentialing,

Potential graduate programs that build on the BA in Wellness and Health Promotion Practice include, but are not limited to, public health, nursing, nutrition, and medicine.

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