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Minors in the College of Public Health

Public Health Minor

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If you’re excited about the ways that health education and health policy can improve lives, this track will set you on the path to success!

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Available Online and In Person

Population Health Data Science

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Data scientists are already in high demand in healthcare fields, and this minor will train you to apply data science to population health and lead the healthcare of the future.

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Available In Person

Global Health

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If you’re passionate about the health of communities all over the world, this track could launch your career!

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Available Online and In Person

Environmental and Occupational Health

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If you want to keep people safe in the workplace, and communities safe from environmental hazards, this could be the track for you!

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Available In Person

One Health

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If you want to meet the challenges of the future where human, animal, and environmental health intersect, this is your path to improving global health!

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Available Online and In Person

Aging and Population Health

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Meeting the needs of our aging society is one of the most significant public health challenges of the 21st century. This minor will guide you to become part of the solution!

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Available Online and In Person

Wellness and Health Promotion Practice

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If you want to develop the knowledge, skills, and ethical orientation that will enable you to promote wellness among diverse communities this minor is for you!

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Addiction and Substance Use

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If you want to help individuals and communities struggling with substance use risks, this minor provides an interdisciplinary overview that will start you on the path to solutions.

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Available Online and In Person

How to Declare the Minor

Step One

Find your Advisor

See the academic advising page to determine your academic advisor (determined by the student's campus and last name).

Step Two

Declare Minor

Send your prospective advisor a brief statement of interest (approximately 300 words) on why you'd like to add the minor to your degree. Note: Admission into the minor does not guarantee entry into public health courses as course registration depends on meeting course pre-requisites and course availability.

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