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Host an Event

Alumni Engagement

Host an Event

By hosting an event, Zuckerman alumni can provide a valuable platform for networking, knowledge sharing, and fostering support for key strategic initiatives like retention and professional development. Our alumni's active participation serves as inspiration and support for our community, ultimately contributing to the growth and success of both our students and alumni.

Type of Events

  • Intimate Dinners (10-20 people)
  • Panels and Networking Events (50 people)
  • Fundraising Events (50-100 people)
  • Large scale celebratory events (100+ people)
  • Other

Ways of Hosting

  • Venue Hosting: Offering a suitable space for the event, such as a conference room, community center, or private property, free of charge or at a reduced rate.
  • Co-hosting: Collaborating with MEZCOPH Alumni Engagement Office to jointly host the event, sharing the responsibilities, resources, and funding.
  • Sponsorship of Event: Connecting event organizers with contacts or resources to secure the venue at a discounted rate or through sponsorship arrangements, or food and beverage.
  • Home Hosting: Hosting and covering the cost of smaller-scale events, such as networking gatherings or workshops, in one's own home or backyard.

Interested in Hosting?

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More Information

For questions or more information about engagement opportunities, please contact:

Amber Richmond

Amber Richmond, MA ’18
Manager, Alumni & Student Strategic Initiatives

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