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Community, Environment & Policy

Community, Environment & Policy at UA College of Public Health

The mission of the department is to improve the state of environmental and community health through teaching, research, and service activities.


The Community, Environment and Policy Department represents a diverse group of faculty members who engage in teaching, service, and research on the many different areas of public health policy and environmental and community health. Research interests and expertise are primarily focused on the major areas of public health that relate to the environment, community, workplace, health policy, and health management. View faculty directory.


The department of Community, Environment, and Policy consists of two programs that are aligned with academic areas:

Educational Programs

The Master's of Public Health degree at the UA Zuckerman College of Public Health offers different concentration areas, two of which are in the Department of Community, Environment, and Policy.

MPH in Environmental and Occupational Health (EOH)
The MPH in Environmental and Occupational Health (EOH) prepares students for professional practice and/or research in environmental and occupational health. Specialized training in the recognition, evaluation, and control of health hazards is emphasized. Course work is designed to provide comprehensive knowledge of chemical, physical, and biological sources of exposure, material toxicity, legal and professional health standards, and engineering and administrative methods for achieving safe and healthful environments for the public.
Master of Science in Environmental Health Sciences (MS)
The Master of Science in Environmental Health Sciences (MS) provides students with training and preparation for leadership roles (project leaders, program developers) in current and emerging environmental health science disciplines. The program employs a multidisciplinary approach linking the assessment of health impacts with the environment. Students must complete a Master's program to enter the PhD research program in Environmental Health Sciences at the University of Arizona.
Bachelor of Science in Public Health
The Bachelor of Science in Public Health with a concentrated study in Environmental and Occupational Health (BS) is designed to promote an understanding of health and disease based on public health principles. The primary goal of the program is to train public health professionals who will seek to improve the quality of life of individuals and communities. Those in the Environmental and Occupational Health will receive additional training in the fundamentals of environmental and industrial health, health preparedness, and risk assessment.

View more information about the Academic Programs at the UA Zuckerman College of Public Health.


Community, Environment and Policy

Community, Environment and Policy Department members are engaged in a wide range of research areas that focus on the public health preparedness, environment, community, workplace, health policy, and health management. The faculty's research interest includes: diabetes prevention and control, physical activity and nutrition in children, waterborne pathogens, anthrax, health hazards of public safety workers, exposure to pesticide, Valley Fever, hospital and emergency medical services for the poor, respiratory toxicology in firefighters, mining-related injuries and exposures, environmental arsenic exposure, methamphetamine labs, tobacco use, industrial hygiene, ventilation, native healing practices, and disease-causing microbes in the environment.

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Contact Us

Prospective students are encouraged to contact us if they have any questions.


If you have a question about admission to any of the programs offered by the department or you are interested in scheduling a visit to Tucson, please contact our Director of Admissions at or by phone at (520) 626-3201.


If you wish to contact the Department of Community, Environment & Policy directly, please email Lilian Martinez at or call (520) 626-4912.

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