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Academic Programs

The MEZCOPH EHS Section offers several academic programs.

Students have different career goals. Each of the programs combines practical training and theoretical education. Some particularly emphasize research activities, and others are more practically focused. The higher-level programs require more years to complete and provide more in-depth preparation for leadership roles. These include:


BS in Public Health, Environmental and Occupational track
Students enrolled in the UA undergraduate public-health BS program may gain particular expertise in environmental and occupational health.
Accelerated B.S./MPH program
Highly qualified students in this program obtain both BS and Masters (MPH) degrees in an integrated program, reducing the total years required.

Masters level

MS in Environmental Health Science
The MS provides students with training and preparation for leadership roles (project leaders, program developers) in current and emerging environmental health science disciplines. Graduates may accept professional positions using the skills they acquire for assessing environmental exposures and their human health impacts or may apply for more advanced doctoral training at the University of Arizona.
MPH in Environmental and Occupational Health

There are two tracks available for students to pursue: Environmental and Occupational Health (EOH) and Industrial Hygiene (IH)

Graduates received practical and academic training for a career focused in assessing and controlling workplace exposures.

Doctoral level

PhD in Environmental Health Sciences
Advanced scientific education and in-depth knowledge are required in this research oriented doctoral program. The program prepares graduates for leadership roles in research, government, consulting and industry settings.
PhD Minor in Environmental Health Sciences
Students in other University of Arizona PhD programs may elect a minor in Environmental Health Sciences.

Dual Degrees with other University programs are offered, including:

Specialized programs of study and research

By special arrangement, research and education opportunities for special circumstances may be arranged. For example

  • Experience for Physicians and Nurses desiring greater understanding of occupational health
  • Postdoctoral research opportunities with a major research group

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