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Meet Our Students

Are you interested in learning more about graduate students at the UA Zuckerman College of Public Health? Read about some of our outstanding student Ambassadors below. Feel free to connect with an Ambassador in one of the following ways:

  • Email an Ambassador through the email address on their profile
  • Follow us on Instagram @uazpublichealth
  • If you are interested in having a panel of public health graduate student Ambassadors speak in your class, student club, or organization, please contact us at

Maiya Block

MPH, Health Behavior Health Promotion

"I am proud of my time working on my internship experience, trying to work with both students at the University and staff at the Pima County Health Department and how much I've learned about the process of research in a very hands-on way."

Hamza Butt

PhD Biostatistics

"One of the most interesting experiences here has been that I tend to enjoy the difficult classes more. The first 2 or 3 lectures for my probability class under Dr. Joe Watkins depicted a quite conceptually challenging course ahead. However, his genius way of incorporating humor during lectures made me push the hardest for this class, including Wednesday all-nighters trying to learn how to type in Latex. My experience with the High Dimensional Analysis and Statistics classes this term is similar. MEZCOPH’s structuring of these important courses has helped foster a deeper interest in biostatistics, which will continue to grow during my time here."

Magdiel Habila

PhD Epidemiology

“During my time at MEZCOPH, I have been introduced to new perspectives, developed relationships with colleagues and professors, and have had the opportunity to pursue amazing research experiences. It has been amazing to be a part of a college that seeks to serve the community – in Tucson, the United States, and internationally.”

Sidney Donzella

MPH Epidemiology

"Be the person you wish you had."

Christina Harris

MPH/MBA - Public Health Policy & Management

"My time at MEZCOPH has been life-changing. It had broadened my perspective on tackling real-world public health issues. Not only have I made lifelong friends, but I have also been equipped with skills that will help me to thrive in my career."

Josh Hunsaker

MPH - Epidemiology

"I am really proud of the dynamic skillset I have acquired in my short time at MEZCOPH. The courses and opportunities here give you an array of skills that are relevant to almost any profession you will find within public health."

Providence Ishimwe

Public Health, Epidemiology

"At MEZCOPH, I explored different growth opportunities, and I was fascinated by the interactive environment between students and faculty."

Cody Welty

MS/PhD Health Behavior Health Promotion

“In my time at MEZCOPH, the experience and knowledge I have gained from coursework, my advisors, and other activities has been invaluable. There are opportunities available for local organizations, government, and within MEZCOPH, and I am always able to make new connections with the community and people.”

Rodrigo Valenzuela-Cordova

MPH - Health Behavior Health Promotion

“During my time at MEZCOPH, I have been introduced to new perspectives, developed relationships with colleagues and professors, and have had the opportunity to pursue amazing research experiences. It has been amazing to be a part of a college that seeks to serve the community – in Tucson, the United States, and internationally.”

Veronica Lugo

MS Environmental Health Science

"Supportive community, friendship and knowledge is gained at MEZCOPH."

Emmanuel González Figueroa

PhD Environmental Health Sciences

“I’m proud of being a MEZCOPH student. It has provided me the tools to work with multiple cultures and traditions in rural Arizona while conducting research on my field of interest:  air quality."

Tanner "Tosh" Mihesuah

MPH and Health Services Administration

"During my first year at MEZCOPH, I have been consistently surrounded by bright like-minded individuals who have a similar passion for tackling health disparities found in Public Health. These peer, teachers, and faculty have really made my time at MEZCOPH enjoyable and fly by so quickly."

Sabrina Nguyen

MPH - Health Services Administration

"I am really proud of MEZCOPH’s dedication to serving the local Tucson community. I have gained experience and confidence through working with my mentors and peers both in the classroom and in fieldwork. The faculty and staff work very hard to make MEZCOPH a positive and welcoming learning environment."

Princess Onyemeh-Sea

MPH - Health Services Administration

"I've been able to grow here in ways I wasn't able to before. Being surrounded by people with the same interests and passions but whoare from different backgrounds and walks of life is a rewarding experience I couldn't imagine getting anywhere else."

Aaron Yoder

MPH Biostatistics

"MEZCOPH provides you with the skills, guidance, and opportunities to create the change you hope to see in the world!"

Joel Parker

MS Biostatistics

"MEZCOPH has allowed me to explore my interests and find what really excites me. While at MEZCOPH I have grown passionate about my work which has helped to keep me driven and focused. My courses have prepared me enough to feel confident about my contributions to research outside of a school setting."

Alyssa Rankin

MPH Maternal and Child Health

"I have met some really amazing friends here and my connection to them has made my time here really special."

Luke Wohlford

MD/MPH Phoenix

"The classwork is informative and excellent, but the fieldwork is even more impactful! Even just getting out and helping run a bike ride at a Boys and Girls Club in South Tucson was one of the best things I've done in school."

Emily Cooksey

PhD Environmental Health Sciences

"During my time at MEZCOPH I have been supported and pushed to follow my dreams by faculty and students alike. Everyone wants the best for each other and it shows."

Anette Real Arrayga

MPH - Health Behavior Health Promotion

"MEZCOPH has brought me academic, professional, and personal growth. It's made me a better person by educating me both on issues and solutions/resources related to health, and has helped me understand what public health represents for our communities."

Dasy Resendiz

MPH Health Behavior Health Promotion /MA Latin American Studies

"I have been fortunate to meet and connect with students and faculty that have partnerships with the Tucson and the Nogales community. Through their work and partnership engagement, they have taught me that the work that I am passionate about, matters! I recommend MEZCOPH to other students because there are individuals who are passionate about making a difference in the underserved communities of Tucson an all-around."

Brianna Rooney


"I have been pleasantly surprised by the welcoming MEZCOPH community and the many opportunities to get involved in impactful work. The support I feel from the faculty, advisors, and students enables me to achieve my professional and personal goals in public health."

Alexa Roy

MPH, Health Behavior Health Promotion

"Coming from a nursing background, my time at MEZCOPH studying public health has opened up a whole new world for me that I get to keep exploring through my education. I'm grateful to keep learning and growing in such a supportive community."

Alexis Wait

MPH, Family and Child Global Health

"MEZCOPH has provided me with many academic, social, and professional opportunities. The community is welcoming, inclusive, and greatly expanded my understanding of global public health."

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