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Keeping Our Water Supply Safe: Meet Dr. Kelly Reynolds

"When I joined the College of Public Health it really became clear to me how we could relate the data we were collecting from the environment back to human health impacts and the effects of those contaminants in water so that we could then begin to design mitigation strategies to improve public health.”


Watch the video to learn more about Dr. Reynolds and her important research.

For Kelly Reynolds, PhD, the best part of working for the University of Arizona Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health is working in communities across Arizona to monitor and study water quality. The associate professor and environmental microbiologist discovered her interest in infectious diseases and the way they are transmitted throughout the environment, while an undergraduate at the UA. Dr. Reynolds and her team monitor water quality, work with local water utilities, and educate people in communities throughout the State about their water supplies. This includes teaching people about how to store water properly so they don’t contaminate a clean water supply from storage in their home.

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