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Employee Tobacco Cessation Program

ASHline coaches for up to 30 enrollees from Southwest Diagnostic for tobacco cessation services for the 90 day program. The purpose of the Outreach Counselor, Sr for SW Diagnostic is to provide telephone-based tobacco cessation coaching to a caseload of SW Diagnostic clients to help support tobacco users to work through the quitting process while utilizing a client-directed treatment philosophy emphasizes client direction and autonomy through a personalized quit. Additionally, The Outreach Counselor, Sr position will work as part of a team of tobacco cessation coaches to develop quality coaching programs using most up-to-date, evidence-based, best practices and keep accurate records of services through collection of data and continuous quality assurance protocols for SW Diagnostic clients. The Outreach Counselor, Sr., will also provide documentation on all services and provide general information to all other calls. The Outreach Counselor Sr, is also available to provide engagement services that include explaining more detail about the coaching and medication services offered through ASHLine, preparing SW Diagnostic enrollees (clients) about the coaching experience and initiates the quit plan. The Outreach Counselor, Sr., must provide an engaging and friendly response to all calls and be attuned to real time customer feedback for SW Diagnostic clients.

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