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Juntos Por La Salud

The primary objective of this research is to provide outreach services to the under and uninsured Latino population in Maricopa and Pima County through mobile unit sponsored and financed by the Ministry of Health of Mexico. Services include basic screening for chronic disease, health education and referral to a medical home.

The University of Arizona will perform the following duties:

  1. Be the lead organization for the Program. Responsible for operating the mobile health unit.
  2. Identification of key target communities outside metropolitan areas of Phoenix, Arizona.
  3. Planning scheduled visits to selected communities.
  4. Instrumentation of database for registration activities and services and to monitor cases where it is detected that require specialized medical attention.
  5. Elaboration and implementation of capacity building programs to train health workers among residents of targeted communities who wish to participate.
  6. Recruitment of personnel: This should be bilingual, bicultural and highly trained.
  7. Elaboration of a work plan according to MOU.
  8. Daily registration of the services offered through the mobile health unit according to the corresponding electronic format.
  9. Development of reporting results according to MOU.
  10. Ensure the quality of the services at all time for users of the services.
  11. Responsible for maintaining the mobile unit in optimal conditions in order to ensure quality.

By fulfilling these duties, the expected outcomes of the project are:

  1. Counsel and/or refer approximately 50% of underinsured users eligible for public benefit health insurance programs during the term of this contract.
  2. Provide medical referrals to 100% of individuals with abnormal health screening results to a primary care provider or an appropriate clinic for follow-up care during the term of this contract.
  3. Establish a medical home for approximately 50% of clients referred to community clinics and encourage users to keep appointments and use community clinic services.
  4. Provide general health consumer education sessions to individuals at the mobile health units during the term of this contract.

This project was funded by The United States-Mexico Border Health Commission. 

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