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The following Academic Advisors serve the public health undergraduate students:

Public Health advisors meet with students by appointment and by walk-in hours. 

Advising by Appointment:

  • Students sign up for an appointment at least 24 hours in advance by selecting an available slot on Wise Advise
  • When arriving for a scheduled appointment, students sign-in on their advisor’s appointment sign-in sheet
  • The 30 minute appointment is with the student's assigned academic advisor (determined by campus and last name)
  • The appointments are intended for more complex or multi-question advising, for example, four year course planning, study abroad planning, probation meetings, SAP appeals, degree audits, questions regarding out-of-state transfer courses

Advising by Walk-In:

  • Students drop-in checking out the times available on Wise Advise
  • When arriving for walk-in hours, students sign in and are seen on a first come, first seen manner
  • The 10-15 minute quick session is with the on-call academic advisor
  • Walk-in advising is intended for less complex or one question advising, for example, help adding one course to fall schedule, turning in preceptor or independent study paperwork, questions on Arizona university/community college transfer courses

Advising by email, phone or teleconferencing is also available.

To view advisor availability, visit the Wise Advising website

Students can also visit The Hub for up-to-date information on internship opportunities, registration information, email and communication tips, and other advising resources.

The Hub

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