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2022 Annual Report: Zuckerman College of Public Health

 2022 Annual Report - We will build a better tomorrow

Thanks to all our students, staff, faculty, alumni and supporters – we accomplished so much this year! While we continue to support communities with vaccine delivery and health services, we are also pursuing the vital research that will enable us to vanquish COVID, and we are looking ahead to meet the next public health threat.

This year, as we emerged from the worst of the COVID pandemic, we turned our attention to the many other public health challenges that we face, from climate-driven health risks to the widespread need for mental health services.

Our report highlights the many ways that we have pursued our mission to bring equitable health services to all communities over the past year. You can follow the links in each section to see the full stories about how we expanded our educational programs, global partnerships, research efforts, and service programs. Together, we will build a better tomorrow!

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